Introduction: Creepy Formerly Decapitated Necklace

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It is so nice that the mad scientist reattached your head after his experiments... he just doesn't seem very proficient at plastic surgery.

Guess it's better than being headless...

Fun, simple necklace I designed for a Halloween party. Easy and affordable to make.

(Entry in the play with clay contest, vote if you like it!)

Step 1: Stuff

Tools & Supplies:

Black Sculpey Polymer Clay
20 gauge Red Copper Wire (in the jewelery making section)
Cookie sheet or glass bake ware
Dinner Knife
Device of flattening (I used a highlighter)
Waxed Paper (or silicon baking mat if you have one)

Round nose pliers (or other needle nose pliers)
Clear Nail polish Clear acrylic finish

Step 2: Knead & Roll

I used one "section" of the package for this project and it was more than enough to make a necklace for myself and my minion (toddler)

Knead that ball of clay for 2 minutes, until it is nice and soft and flexible.

This would be a good time to preheat your oven to 275 degrees.

Now lay out your baking mat, or sheet of waxed paper

Roll the clay out into a snake, then roll flat with your Highlighter (or whatever device you have chosen)

I try to aim for the width of a quarter and about that thickness. 

Don't worry about being perfect, little deviations and deformities just make it more fun.

Step 3: Slice and Dice

Once your clay is all flattened out just start cutting strips along the length, maybe 2 quarters wide.

Use the knife to gently lift the clay off the rolling surface.

One at a time place the strips on top of each other in an"X"shape and press lightly on the center.

Step 4: Stabby

Once you have a happy little army of X's unroll a piece of copper wire and cut it, about 2" in length, pull it straight.

Use your little wire needle to stab a hole through your little X's

Stab the X where the seam between the clay strips meats from one side to the other.

Give the wire a little wiggle to clear excess clay but not enough to make a huge hole or it will be difficult to control the X in the finished project.

Line up the X's on your wax paper coated baking sheet as you finish each one or just toss the silicone mat right on the cookie sheet.

Step 5: BAKE.

Throw the cookie sheet in your preheated oven

Bake for 15 minutes at 275 degrees

While you are waiting measure out your necklace wire, just put it around your neck (or your minions neck) and bend where it meets, make sure to leave some slack for bending ends to latch and for when the X's are on the wire.  (you can always cut more off but you can't put it back once it is cut)


Now go over to the oven (with oven mit equipped) and pull out the X's and set them aside to cool.

Step 6: Thread Your X's

Now that your X's are all cooled grab your wire, and bend one end so your X's can't escape and start beading.

Thread your X's on the wire and eye the spacing to what you like, once again don't worry about perfection, they can be adjusted later.

Now put the necklace up around your neck and line up the X's, take the loose end and loop it through the hooked end and bend it where it fits comfortably.

Trim off any large amount of wire but leave enough to make an adjustable hook.

If you have round nose pliers use this opportunity to bend the ends to make tiny loops on the ends to prevent stabbing or cutting your neck.  This can be done with your fingers or any other pair of needle nose pliers you have on hand.  Round nose pliers would accomplish the neatest finished appearance.

Now just bend back the wire to make a hook.

Do not twist the wires together, hammer the hooks or secure with a clasp, we do not want to have an actual decapitation...

This simple double hook will unbend if snagged, before injuring your neck, Safety

Step 7: Optional: Clear Coat

If you like shiny things... find yourself a bottle of clear nail polish clear acrylic finish and a sheet of waxed paper

It has been suggested to me by the polymer clay pro's to avoid using nail polish, try and find some clear acrylic paint at the craft store, or another clear water based finish for best results.

I put a dab on the seams on the back of the X's just for a little piece of mind support, then flipped all the X's and painted the outside surface with one thick coat, making sure to get into the seams. 

Make sure if you do this step you wiggle the X's a little to keep them from gluing themselves to the wire.

Now just let it dry.

Step 8: Equip

Now just hook your snazzy new necklace around your neck and adjust the X's to your comfort.

And look, now your head has been successfully reattached!

Add a little white powder to your face & neck if you are feeling a little undead and rock your necklace like a zombie!

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