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I had this huge wine glass at home but it was way too heavy to hold when drinking wine. Instead of letting it go to waste, I turned it into a Creepy Halloween Goblet. This can be used as Halloween decorations or it would look great as a centrepiece on the table at a Halloween dinner party. You can use this technique to decorate a goblet for any occasion you just chose moulds suitable to that occasion

Step 1: Paint the Glass

Paint the glass black to start. I like to use gesso because it is a primer and it gives better coverage than acrylic paint. But either should work. Don't try and paint the surface perfectly smooth, the flaws will make the goblet look better later.

Step 2: Make the Embellishments

I used silicone moulds and hot glue to make all the embellishments to decorate the glass. You can use resin but the drying time is 12 -24 hours.

Step 3: Set the Hot Glue

I put the glue in the mould then dipped my finger into water and smoothed over the surface. To speed up the drying time which is only a few minutes you can float the moulds in cold water.

Step 4: Paint the Embellishment

Paint all the embellishments with the black gesso and glue them onto the glass.

Step 5: Add Some Props

If you can get your hands on some small cheap skeletons they would be a great addition to the glass.

Step 6: Add Some Hot Glue Runs

To add a little more creepiness you can run some hot glue down the sides of the glass. This will look great once you add the gold wax paste.

Step 7: Add the Wax Paste

Once you have decorated the goblet and painted everything black, you can use the gold wax paste to highlight the embellishments. Rub a small amount of wax paste over all the raised surfaces first.

Step 8: Highlight Effect

The image above shows how the flaws in the painting improve the overall effect.

Step 9: Lightly Highlight Some Areas

To highlight more of the black you can use a small paintbrush and rub a very light coat of the gold wax paste over the surface. Try not to cover all the black or the effect will be lost.

Step 10: Paint the Flowers

I bought some cheap silk roses for the budget store which I painted black using the gesso. Once the gesso is dry, you can use some shimmer spray to make the flowers shimmer and stand out. It also looks great to add a touch of the gold wax to the edges of the flowers. The flowers were glued to the stem using a hot glue gun.

Step 11: Make the Platform

To make a platform for the skull to sit on, I cut some cardboard and glued it to the rim. The skull was then glued to the top of the cardboard. You could add some battery operated lights to the inside if you wanted to or just glue a candle to the skulls head.

Step 12: Close Ups of the Complete Halloween Goblet

Step 13: More Halloween Projects for You

Step 14: Halloween Mirrors

You have a choice of two Halloween mirrors. One is a 3D Halloween mirror, I tried to create the appearance of the skull coming out of the mirror. The second is the more child-friendly version.

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