Introduction: Creepy Floating Watching Face

Make a creepy face that watches you when you move!


Face mask - from Halloween store

Box (12x12x12)

Box cutter


Hot Glue Gun

Tape (black or opaque)

Step 1: (De)-Construct the Box

Cut one side out of the box to make a hollow shell, keeping the back face flat.

Step 2: Paint Both Sides of the Box Black.

Step 3: Trace the Mask and Cut Out a Hole in the Rear Face of the Box.

Step 4: Hot Glue (or Tape) the Mask to the Hole, and Assemble the Box.

Make sure the mask is facing out.

Step 5: Using the Face Cutout, Make a Top for the Mask, and Glue It On.

This prevents light from reaching the inside of the mask from the top.

Step 6: Check for Light Leaks.

Check the box from the inside, look for light leaks around the edges, and cover them with black or opaque tape.

Step 7: Completed Box.

Place with a light source above and behind the box. Watch the face watching you as you move about!

Especially effective when put in a window so it can be viewed from outside.

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