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Introduction: Creepy Zombie Doll

Welcome all, here's how I made my Creepy Zombie Doll!

Step 1:

Go to a goodwill or thrift store and buy a baby doll for like a dollar!

Step 2:

Remove the clothes and the head

Step 3:

Remove the eyes!

Step 4:

Now using Great Stuff foam start adding it sparingly to the dolls head arms and feet! (do this carefully as this stuff sticks to everything and will not come off for days)! this will give you that blistery puss filled look!

Step 5:

Base coat everything with Black Paint! and when that dries start adding color use whatever you want color wise! there is no right or wrong colors here just what YOU want to use! This will all be done using the DRY BRUSH METHOD!

Step 6:

After the first coat dries start layering the colors you choose! still using the dry brush method! let each coat dry between each other before adding the next one!

Step 7:

Again using the colors of your choice start hitting the raised blisters and some of the more detailed areas!

Step 8:

This where the fun begins start adding the bright colors like red purple and golden yellows! this will make the cuts and blisters POP!

Step 9:

Paint some darker circular rings around the eyes and then go back and paint the inside eye cavity with bright red paint to look like bloody hollows! using tooth picks make some teeth (if you want to). I used tooth picks and a small micro drill bit to make the holes for the teeth! and of course paint them white!

Step 10:

Now go back to the clothes I soaked them in come coffee to make them look old and then went crazy with cutting them up to have that tattered look! after I liked what I did I added fake blood and stained them up! also at this time I added fake blood drops to the mouth and eyes to give it a more realistic vibe!

Step 11:

Here is the finished doll, I also bought a small high chair from the flea market (for a buck). and a couple of plain black toy rats from the dollar store and I turned them into zombie rats by painting them as I did with the doll! well that's it, pretty easy and cost less than $12 bucks to make! Thanks for looking and I hope you liked my crafty way to make a Creepy Zombie Doll!~

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    Neon Fox
    Neon Fox

    5 years ago

    what paints do you use?


    5 years ago

    OMG! This is going to give me nightmares! What a design! Well done!


    5 years ago

    Woah, what an awesome and crazy project! Great job!