Introduction: Crepe From Scratch

Crepes are one of my favorite breakfasts! especially for the fact that it's super easy to make and that you can put anything your heart desires in it ! My brother, sister, and I have been preparing crepes for a long time, but this is the first time i take pictures so here it is!
Ps: i also made some tiny crepes for my little cousin ! you'll find them by the end of the instructable !
Enjoy :)!

Step 1: Ingredients

To prepare about 10 crepes you'll need:
2 cups of flour
2 cups of water
1 spoon of oil
1/2 a tablespoon of vanilla flavoring (not shown)
1 egg
2 spoons of sugar (not shown)
3 spoons of powdered milk

Mixing bowl
Oven (top)
Plastic tool so the crepes don't stick

ps: suggested fillings: chocolate spread, chocolate/other syrup, jam, cheese...

Step 2: Add

Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl..

Step 3: Whisk

Now.. whisk it all..
Should I explain ?

Step 4: Cook

First, set the oven on strong.. (you know that i mean the top of the oven not inside the oven itself right?!)
Spread some oil on the pan so the crepes don't stick
Now put part of the crepe mix on the pan and sorta spread it..
You can flip it!
When the crepe gets close to red, remove it and repeat the whole thing again till the crepe mix is done.

Step 5: Tiny

As I previously mentioned, my 2 year old cousin loves tiny crepes so I make these ones for him !
same process as before but you need to put each droplet away from the other .. of course the cooking is a lot faster !
The 3rd pic is a tiny crepe compared to a regular-sized one !

Step 6: Done

There you go!
Bon appetit !
Enjoy your crepes and if you try this recipe please let me know how it  turns out!
Ps. I highly recommend spreadable cheese with apricot jam as filling !