Introduction: Criminal Escape - Puzzle (Mashup)

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*This is a redesign of a puzzle based of one the puzzle's from a old book.

For this puzzle, you need to set up the game as shown in the first image (criminal in the middle and jail bars around it) and then move the jail bars to try to get the criminal out. You are not allowed to rotate the bars. The hole located at the side of the box will allow the criminal to escape.

I love doing puzzles and due to COVID-19, we are all in quarantine. The perfect way to spend time is doing some puzzles. It can be something like an escape puzzle (which is what this is) or as simple as a jigsaw. I also love 3d printing and I thought what if I could combine both? I started making puzzles and loved it! The idea of making this mind-boggling object for the whole family to enjoy was just making this process more and more intriguing to me. I currently have more puzzles in the process of being made and it makes quarantine go by a lot faster.

Here is the TinkerCad Link! : Tinkercad Link!: Criminal Escape - Puzzle

I won't be posting the solution as that takes the fun away.


- Computer

- 3D Printer

- Filament

Step 1: On the Whiteboard

Before creating puzzle, or let that be anything you want to 3D print, always make a plan! Use inspirations around you to come up with an idea. I really liked the idea of an escape puzzle. I had never really made an escape puzzle so this step was crucial for me as I needed a plan to follow. Another thing which I had to do was find a theme. With lots of testing, I thought this criminal trying to break out was the best. The color schemes also looked very good together. Now it was time to start designing.

Things done in this step:

- Puzzle Plan

- Theme Decision

Step 2: The Case

I wanted to make a case because I didn't want to lose any of the pieces and I wanted to also make an indicator that you have accomplished this challenge. I would say it was the simplest part of this whole design. Just make a 44x66x6 mm box, make a hole from the top and done. But what about the second part I talked about? I just a hole on the side of the box small enough for the criminal to escape but not the jail bars. Pretty clever isn't it?

Things done in this step:

- Case Made

- Hole on side for criminal to escape

Step 3: Jail Bars

Now, it is time for the jail bars. I firstly made a black square 20x20x2.29mm in size for a base. To make them look more like jail bars, I added silver semi-circles on there sides. It added more depth to the design along with the look of it. I merged everything together and made 4 copies. I then took a cube, made it a hole, and merged it with each one of the jail blocks in one of the four corners. This would make space for the criminal later on.

Things done in this step:

- Jail Bars made

- Hole in each corner

Step 4: Criminal Block

Now for what I think was the hardest part... making a criminal face!! I didn't really know what face to make but I knew whatever it will be, the color scheme would be orange and white. Looking back at my plan, I was struggling to figure out how to make the face. I went to the internet to get references or inspiration and nothing was just right. At that point, I just started to wing it. Starting off with a 20x20x2mm orange block for a base. I made a few sketches for the face and decided to make a slightly smaller rounded square on top, being 18x18x2.5mm. Then I went into a digital drawing program I had and sketched the face on their. The parts I wanted to be raised (like the eyes and mouth), I left untouched and the parts I wanted to be gone were the parts I colored black. After importing that design into Tinkercad, I was able to make that into a hole and merge it with the white part. Finally, I merged the white face with the orange base to make the criminal!

Important!: If you are following this tutorial, merge the face hole only with the white part!!! Then only merge the white part with the orange base.

Things done in this step:

- Criminal Block

- Puzzle Completed

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