Introduction: Crisp Packet Folding

How to fold a crisp packet into a triangle. Very useful when space is tight, or you can't find a rubbish bin. Compare to Crisp packet Origami where the packet is folded into a square.

Step 1: Empty the Packet

You might like to eat the contents before you fold the packet ;-)

Step 2: Flatten Packet

Step 3: Fold Bottom Left-corner Flush to the Right Hand Edge

Note that it is important that the bottom edge is flush with the right hand edge, otherwise it all goes pear shaped later.

Step 4: Fold Top Edge Over

Fold the top (open) edge down, abutting the edge you just folded over.

Step 5: Fold in Half

Now fold the left half over to the right hand edge. Again, make sure it lines up neatly.

Step 6: Make a Parallelogram

Fold the top right hand corner down to create a parallelogram.

Step 7: Make a Small Traingle

Fold the top left corner over to the right hand edge to create a thick triangle at the top of the packet.

Step 8: Fold Bottom Half Upwards

Now, fold the larger triangle at the bottom upwards - this is going to be inserted into the thicker triangle at the top. In the picture you can see the bottom part is folded over, but sticking up into the air slightly.

Step 9: Get Ready to Fold In

Pick up the packet - you should be able to open up a pocket in the thicker triangle.

Step 10: Fold In

Fold the larger, thinner triangle into the pocket you just found in the smaller, thicker triangle. This can be a bit fiddly.

Step 11: Finished!

You're finished. Beautiful.