Introduction: Crisscross Solomon Bar Paracord Bracelet

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If you're familiar with the cobra weave, then this should be a fairly easy bracelet for you to make.


Strand one (blue cord)- this will be used for making the 'x's and the knot. You will need three times the size of your wrist, plus enough to easily tie a knot. I usually add about 8 inches for the knot I'm making. I used 56½ inches for strand one.

Strand two (red cord)- this strand will be used for the cobra weave. Double your wrist size and add roughly 6-7 ft (or, for those of you who make cobra weave bracelets, about half a foot more than what you would normally use. I used 7ft 7in for strand two.
**Keep in mind that its better to have too much string than too little because its easier to cut off excess than to add string.**


Needle-nosed pliers

Ruler/tape measure


Step 1: Step 1

Fold strand two in half, and then from the folded end, measure half an inch longer than how big you want your bracelet to be. Taping where this fold is isn't necessary, but can make it easier to make sure the length stays the same. Fold strand one in half as well.

Step 2: Step 2

Using strand two, put the left end behind, and the right end in front. Put the middle of strand one just above where the taped fold is on strand two, leaving enough space to loop cord through. The ends of strand one should hang on the left and right sides of strand two.

Step 3: Step 3

Loop the left strand of strand two over strand one and back through the loop on the left side. Loop the same end around to the right, going in between the end of strand one and the other end of strand two, and then through the loop you made previously in this step. Pull that end to make the knot tight.
**Make sure your ends of strand one are even with each other and the same for strand two.**

Step 4: Step 4

Pull the ends of strand one above the ends of strand two (which should point out right and left instead of up and down) and make a cobra weave knot. To make a cobra weave knot, take your left end of strand two over and across, loop the right end over the left end and behind, then through the loop that was made with the left end. Pull tight on both ends and put the ends of strand one back over the knot you just made. (Each knot you make of the cobra weave has to switch which end is on top and which is on bottom). Let the ends of strand one back down.

Step 5: Step 5

Cross the ends of strand one to make an 'x' and bring them back behind. Make another cobra weave knot. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have a loop that is about half an inch long.

Step 6: Step 6

Tuck the ends of strand two behind a couple of cross strands and then cut the excess cord off. Seal the ends with a lighter. Loop the ends of strand one through the loop made from strand two and then make your knot.

Step 7: Step 8

The Lanyard Knot

8-1 Put one end of strand one in between your index and middle fingers, and the other end in between your middle and ring fingers.

8-2 Make a loop with the right end like the one shown in the picture.

8-3 Bring the other end under the first two cords, then above, under, and above the next three cords.

8-4 Take that end back down and around the right end that's sticking up between your fingers, and through the middle.

8-5 Take the other end, and do the same, wrapping it around the left end sticking up between your fingers.

8-6 remove from your fingers and pull tight on the bottom and top ends. Tighten by working your way around the knot while moving the knot closer to the bracelet.

8-7 once the knot is in the place you want it (if your bracelet is too small and you want it a little bigger, just move the knot further away from the bracelet), cut off the ends and seal them with a lighter.

Now you have a Crisscross Solomon Bracelet!

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