Cristal Skull Lamp

Introduction: Cristal Skull Lamp

Instead of stopping a bottle empty or sitting idly. Wouldn't you like a attention hammer lamp on your desk or corner?

Step 1: Prepared to Do

Made of tongs in crystal dry head vodka bottle

Used materials


Plastic cable strain reliefs wire clamp

1.8M LED switch cable light modulator

Step 2: How Can I Do

  1. Diamond-pierced punches should be considered first when piercing the glass. Cool with water or it will crack.
  2. Attach the plastic cable dowel to the bottle.
  3. Thread the cable through the dowel.
  4. Solder the G4 socket to the wire.
  5. Reverse a nail suitable for the G4 socket on the end of a board, glue the G4 socket on the bottom of the bottle.
  6. Place the G4 bulb in the socket and install the cover.

Leisure Pleasures.

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