Critter Resistant Indoor Trash Can

Introduction: Critter Resistant Indoor Trash Can

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The Problem:
We have beautiful, intelligent, destructive dog. One of his favorite things to do while we are off at work is to get into the trashcan. We need a trashcan that he can't into that doesn't cost an arm an a leg (those fancy step trashcans cost $75 or more).

The Solution:
Get an affordable trashcan with a button operated lid and attach the lid so the dog can't get into the trash. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Over all this project costs less than $25.

Trashcan with push button lid
2 Tiny bungee chords
2 Small plastic adhesive hooks

A small drill of some sort
Ruler (optional)
Rubbing Alcohol (optional)

Step 2: Attach Bungees to Lid

Drill holes for the bungee
Measure or eyeball the center of the long sides of the lid. You want your holes to be about 1/2" apart and about 1/4" from edge.

If you don't have a drill handy you can also use a nail or wire coat hanger to make the hole. Using a pair of pliers hold the nail or coat hanger end over a flame until it becomes red hot, then carefully push it through the wall of the lid. 

Insert the bungee hooks and crimp them
Hook the bungee onto the lid, one hook through each hole. Use the pliers to crimp the hooks down so they don't come off accidentally.

Repeat on other side

Step 3: Attach Hooks to Can

Prep can side for a good stick
Get some rubbing alcohol and clean off the area where you are going to stick the hook. This will get all the oils off the surface and make for a stronger hold.

Stick on the hook
Put the lid on can. Now pull the paper off the adhesive on the hook and hook it on the bungee. Pull down slightly to the bungee is taught and stick the hook on the can. Press it down good and tight.

Repeat on other side

Step 4: Put a Bag in and Attach the Lid

This step is pretty self explanatory. The reason the hooks are on the outside of the can is so they are easy to put on/take off, and don't interfere with the bag.

If you have a critter that not only gets in the trash but also likes stealing your toothbrush, check out my other instructable for the Critter Resistant Toothbrush Holder.

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    6 years ago

    Great idea. I have a Labrador who gets in the trash the minute you leave the kitchen. Going to try this tomorrow.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome thanks! We have this issue with our 3 doggies...I was going to look into a locking can/tote or something...

    I happened across this. I used 3 bungees (1 on all sides but the front) just to be safe.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I must have 3 genius dogs because they still get into the garbage and take all 3 bungees off to get in it :( oh well...was well worth the shot.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well that's disappointing! At least you can be proud of your problem solving pooches.