Introduction: Jawa Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

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I was disappointed there doesn't seem to be a free Jawa pattern out in the great abyss of the Internet, at least that was easy to find. So I made this. (Well, actually, now I found this one, but I was already most of the way through my own project, so I finished it.) I did it pretty quickly and it's not perfect, but hey, the price is right.

I guess I'd better explain why he's green. Brown yarn was just at a premium in my house. You can do it the right way if you'd like.

Oh, and he also makes an excellent finger puppet.

Step 1: Okay, Supplies.

You'll need:

-yarn (I used green for the body, arms, and hood, black for the head and hands, and brown for the belt),

-a size US C2/2.75 mm crochet hook,

-stuffing (I used some from an old pillow cushion),

- scissors, and

-something for the eyes (I used spare buttons and brown thread).

Step 2: Head

With black yarn, ch2.

ROUND 1: 6sc into 2nd ch from hook (6 sts).

Rnd 2: 2sc into each st around (12 sts).

Rnd 3-6: sc into each st around (12 sts).

Rnd 7: sc2tog in back loops only (6 sts). Fill head with stuffing.

Rnd 8: sc2tog in back loops only (3sc). Fasten off.

Step 3: Body

With green yarn, ch2.

ROUND 1: 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6 sts)

Rnd 2: 2sc in each st around (12 sts)

Rnd 3-6: sc all around 4 times (12 sts)

Rnd 7: 2sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts (16 sts)

Rnd 8: sc all around (16 sts)

Rnd 9: 2sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts (this should be 20 sts but I ended up with 21 somehow)

Rnd 10: sc all around (I stitched the last 2 sts together to get rid of the mysterious extra)

Rnd 11: 2sc in next st, 2 sc in next 2 sts all around (28 sts)

Rnd 12: sc all around. Fasten off.

Step 4: Hood

With green yarn, ch 24.

Rounds 1-7: sc in each st across (24 sts).

If you're like me, your sheet of stitches will kind of curve in, which is actually good for a hood (see picture).

Step 5: Arms

This one is tricky to explain. You might have to play with it a bit.

(Make 2)

With green yarn, ch 6. Sl st in first st to make circle.

Rnds 1-6: sc in each st across (6 sts). Change to black yarn. Fill arm with stuffing. Fold arm in half. sl st through only inside loops of stitches adjacent to eachother. Ch1. Sl st in back loops of next adjacent sts, ch 1. Sc in st. Fasten off.

Just by the way, I think I did one too many rows on the right arm.

Step 6: Belt

This is the brown thing in the picture.

Using brown yarn, ch 48 and fasten off.

Step 7: Eyes

I don't like sewing crochet projects because of the thickness of the yarn and the limited turning radius of the needle. So I used some shiny buttons for eyes instead of stitching some, using the crochet hook to get the thread through. They're a little wiggly but not too bad. At first I thought this would be a step back but now I kind of like the copper look, even though it's not totally authentic (well, the green outfit isn't either, I guess).

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Most of this step is pretty hard to explain (like the arms). I sewed the hood up first by folding the piece in half and slip stitching the inner rings of the last row's loops together. Then I sewed it to the top of the body with a little bit bulging in front to make it baggy.

I sewed the head to the body from the outside (not terribly well).

I sewed the arms to the side. They ended up a little too far down for the proper proportions.

I made a cross with the belt piece around the body and tied it in back.

I didn't stuff the bottom because that way it can be used for a finger puppet (and I didn't want to bother making a base). He can stand without it, anyway.

You should check out the pictures. They'll help you better.

Step 9: Conclusion

He's not perfect, but I like my little guy. I like the way the colors worked out and how easy it was to make. But next time I would sew the arms higher (and be careful with how many rows I added). I also might crochet through the entire stitches on the last row of the head so there was less of a 'neck'. I can't remember the other things I was going to say, so I guess just have fun making this and please post pictures of your project! (And suggestions are always welcome, too.)


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