Introduction: Crochet Book Cover

When I get a new book, I am always a little scared of getting my book dirty, since I take it everywhere. With this book cover, which you would be able to fit most books into, your book will remain clean, and even if your book cover gets dirty, you would be able to wash it easily. This is why I am using acrylic yarn for this project. Acrylic yarn can be put into the washing machine without it shrinking to make it easier to clean! The soft book cover allows you to have something to fiddle with when you are reading. You could choose anything to decorate your book cover with but I would recommend using felt and sewing it on to make it sturdier in the washing machine. If you are reading during long train or plane rides, the softness of the cover would also double up as an emergency mini pillow! I hope that you enjoy making this! ♡♪♪


To make this, you will need some access scraps of acrylic yarn and a crochet hook. I will be using a 3.50mm crochet hook, and white(ish) worsted weight acrylic yarn for my book cover.

Step 1: Making a Slip Knot to Start Crocheting

First, take the tail end of your yarn and fold it into half to make 2 strings. Wrap those 2 strings around your finger. With the end of your yarn, hold it up and push it through the loop around your finger, and pull it through. Pull your finger out of the yarn and pull the loop over the crochet hook to tighten it.

To hold the yarn, wrap it twice around your left hand and hold your hook in between your right thumb and index finger, using the third finger to hold the yarn in place.

Step 2: Chain 44 Stitches

Now, push your hook backwards into the yarn and turn it around, pulling it through the hook. That was a chain stitch! Congratulations! Repeat that 43 more times. : ) ♡

Step 3: Start With the First Row

Skip three stitches from your hook, yarn over your hook, and push it into the 4th. Yarn over your hook again, and pull it out. There should be 3 loops on your hook now. Yarn over and pull through 2 loops on your hook, (there would now only be 2 loops) and yarn over and pull through the remaining loops, leaving only 1 loop. Do the same until the end of the row. This stitch is called a double crochet.

Step 4: Do the Rest of the Rows

This step will take a longer period of time, but you can do it!

To continue this row, chain 3 stitches and turn your work around. Skip the first stitch and do double crochets to the end, turning your work around and repeating this again. Continue this until you have 52 rows(7+19+19+7).

Step 5: Sew the Sides to Hold the Book in Place

I chose to use black yarn for this step so that it would be easier to see the stitches, the colour is entirely up to you. Use either your crochet hook or a needle to sew the book cover in place. It is 7 stitches from the top or the bottom. Once you have done this for either the top or bottom, repeat this for the other side.

Step 6: Decorate Your Book Cover

You can decorate your book cover with felt cut outs, cloth that is sewn on, or just leave it plain! I hope that you enjoyed making this!☆

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