Introduction: Crochet Cross Bookmark

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This bookmark makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one! These would make unique bookmarks for your Bible or any book. Perfect gift for a Sunday School Teacher, Pastor or family!

I am so in love with how it came out! You can add a loop at the top for hanging, add a tassel for a bookmark, or even add some beads for a little color.

Step 1: Materials

Crochet Needle


Crochet Hook - 5.5-6.5 mm will be suitable

Yarn/Thick thread - Contrasting colors

Step 2: Loop

Ch 5. Join to form a circle.

Step 3: Round 1

CH 3, 17 Hdc in the circle

Step 4: Shell Stitch (1)

Ch 3, 3 Dc in same space.

Step 5: Shell Stitch (2)

Ch 2 , 4 Dc in the next stitch.

Step 6: Shell Stitch (3)

Turn Sl St back to same sitch.

Sl St through all 4 Dc.

Step 7: Repeat

Do the shell stitch in the chain loop.

Repeat the shell Stitch 6 -7 times till you reach the desired length.

Step 8: Arms

St St on the 4th Shell outer Dc stitch.

Ch 2, Sl St on the 5th Shell outer Dc stitch.

Turn and Sl St to the CH loop.

Now continue the shell stitch as done before in the Ch loop.

I did 2 shells for one arm.

Do the same on the other side.

You will get 2 arms of the cross.

Step 9: Border

After doing the second arm start with the border.

In the arms:

Ch 2 and Sl St into the outer Dc shell stitch of the next shell.

When moving from the arm to the body of the cross:

Ch 3, Sl St to the next shell of the body of the cross.

When going from the body of cross to the circle at the bottom:

Ch 2 ( Miss 2 St of the round), Sc around.

At the end of the round:

Ch 2 ( Miss 2 St of the round) and Sl st to the outer Dc shell stitch of the next shell in the body of the cross.

Step 10: Continue Border

At the last shell of the arms:

Sc in each Dc of the first shell stitch. 2 Sc in Ch loop.

Sc in the Dc of the other shell St.

Ch 2 to the next shell.

Do the same around the entire length.

Finish off the work.

Step 11: Creme Border

Sl St in the creme yarn.

Start from the outer stitch from the center. Sl St at the center of the round.

Ch 2, Sc in each Sc of the previous border.

When moving from the bottom round to the shell:

In each Ch loop of the border do 3-4 Sc.

Step 12: Border Creme (2)

When moving from one shell to another:

In each Ch loop of the border do 3-4 Sc.

When moving from body of cross to the arms:

In each Ch loop of the border do 5 Sc.

At the last shell of the arms:

When you reach the shell, do Sc, 4 Ch, Sc in the same stitch.

Step 13: Border Creme (3)

At the arms: (Continued)

Do Sc in each stitch of the maroon border. When you finish the first shell, Sc, 4 Ch, and Sc in the next stitch.

Continue Sc in the next shell. When you reach the end Sc, Ch 4 and Sc in the same stitch.

Step 14: Chain for the Tassle

Sl st at the bottom of the cross. Ch 10 or desired length for the book mark.

Step 15: Tassel (1)

For the yarn Tassel, I have used different colored threads. I wanted it to look vibrant.

First wind different colored threads you like around a thick paper.

Step 16: Tassel (2)

Now remove it from the paper and lay them straight.

Now take another thread and at a small distance below tie a knot. Cut one end of the threads and level the length.

Insert the crochet hook into the knot and bring down both the ends. They will now be a part of the tassel.

Sl St the chain to the middle of the tassel.

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