Crochet Cup Cozy

Introduction: Crochet Cup Cozy

Its a cold day and your drinking a cup or hit cocoa, or your daily routine of coffee in the morning, or a cup of chai tea to spice up your life... what do these all have in common... a hot cup.

2 types of cup cozy patterns included, they are all sorta written in a way so the pattern size in changeable.


Cotton yarn (if your just using it for hot beverages any yarn should be ok i think... I use my cup for cold and hot so I am using cotton)
Crochet hook - 4mm
Yarn needle

Step 1: Full Cozy

Full style cozy this style works on cups without handles (mine is a clay cup i use for my cocoa, tea, coffee ect.) Water bottles, cans.

This can be done spiral, or in the round whatever you prefer, if you wanna do a stripe in the round works out nicer looking.

1. Sc 6 in mr (can be done ch 2 style if you wish)
2. Inc around (12)
3. "1 sc, Inc" repeat around (18)
4. "2sc, Inc" repeat around (24)

Repeat increasing in intervals (is this the right word) of 6 till you reach the size of the cup, bottle, can, that you are making the cozy for.

- Back post sc around
- sc around and repeat till desired size

I added 3 rows of hdc in white to mine you can do the same to yours

Or you can do the whole second part in Hdc (i would not do the increase in hdc i find it hdc increases are wonky.. or I am bad at crochet 🤣

Step 2: Sleeve Cozy

I made one of these once for Tim Hortons Medium size cups... then I never used it... lol

These are super simple to make and maybe a nice gift to give people? You can use all sorts of different crochet stitches to make these.
The one I am making today is a simple hdc one

And Start
1. Chain (till your ch goes around what you are making if for a bit tight is good you don't want it slipping off) + 1
2. Skp 1 ch, hdc along in bottom bump, slip stitch to first hdc (or not if you wanna stitch it together latter that's fine to)
3. Ch 1, hdc around, slip stitch to first hdc

Repeat 3 till desired length

Change it UP
Using different stitchs like the basket weave? Or maybe shells, wonder how it would look with the crocodile stitch...
Make appliques for it, to give it some pop
Make rows that are different stitches? Like a row of sc then hdc? I don't know be creative!

(Sorry my examples, so small... it was just that its just an example and i am taking it apart. May add more at a later date if i ever figure out how to edit intructables posts.)

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    9 months ago

    It's really very cute. I love the color!


    Reply 8 months ago

    Thank you (sadly i have already stained it with hot cocoa)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    9 months ago

    These are cute! I really need to crochet a cozy :)


    Reply 9 months ago

    I needed one too lol I was just letting my cup sit around till the cup was the right temp to touch... then the drink was cold