Introduction: Crochet Diaper Holder

Have you ever gone to clean out your diaper bag and found 13 diapers stuffed in the bottom of the bag squished and disheveled? If you haven’t, you already have an adequate place to store diapers in your bag. Good job! The point is, I didn’t. My talented sister in law whipped out her sewing machine and made a diaper holder for herself without hesitation when she had a baby last year. As much as I would love to cultivate a sewing talent, I’m not quite there. However, I did learn to crochet about a month ago, so I thought I would try my hand at making a crochet diaper holder.

Step 1:

All I did was watch THIS video about the basics of crocheting and I started. I decided on patriotic colors. I made my first row of chains (knowing that it would probably expand as I kept going) by sizing it up along one of my daughter’s diapers. I gave myself a bit more room since we are only currently on size 3 diapers. This ended up being 40 chains of single crochet across the top. I did this for 55 rows (This number is combining the red, white, and blue. If you separate out the colors I had 17 rows of red, 3 rows of white, 3 rows of blue, 3 rows of white, and 29 rows of red again. I know these aren’t pretty numbers, I was just free-balling it.) I then folded my project in half and single crocheted up the sides (combining both parts); this makes the rectangle project into a pocket. After that, I used white yarn to make a single crochet rim on the top.

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