Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Introduction: Crochet Fingerless Gloves

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This Beginner Friendly pattern is using the Suzette Stitch. By crocheting a rectangle, stitching up the sides and by leaving a thumb hole you got yourself some easy peasy homemade Fingerless Gloves!! Let's get started!


What you will need:
Basic knowledge of Crocheting
Yarn (I used Mandala Ombre' Lion brand Yarn)
3.5mm Crochet Hook
Crochet Needle

Step 1: Foundation Chain

To begin, make a foundation chain of 34. This pattern is a multiple of 2. So if you are changing the length keep that in mind!

Step 2: Row 1

When the chain is finished, you will skip the first chain and make one single and double crochet into the next chain. Skip the next chain. Make one single and double crochet in the next chain. Continue the first row by making one single crochet and one double crochet into the chain and skip the chain after until you reach the end. In the very last chain, you will work one single and one double crochet also. When you have reached the end, chain one and turn to begin row two.

Step 3: Row 2

To begin row 2, skip the first double crochet and make a single and double crochet into the next stich. Skip the next stitch. In the next stitch, make one single and one double crochet into the next stitch. Repeat this pattern for 26 rows or until you reach 7 and 1/2 or 8 inches.

Step 4: Hiding the Ends

With the crocheting needle, hide the ends into the glove.

Step 5: Connecting the Sides

Using the same color yarn, you will make a slip stitch to connect the foundation chain and final row together. To do this, enter your hook into the first stitch and go thru the first chain on the other side and make a slip stitch. Next, You will go into the next stitch on both sides and slip stitch.
Repeat until you make you connect about 3 and 1/2 inches up the glove.

Step 6: Making the Thumb Hole

To make the thumb hole, slip stitch the next 6 stiches only on the foundation chain side.
Doing this will skip those 6 stitches on the other side. To combine both sides again enter your hook into both sides and slip stitch.
Slip stitch the remaining stitches until you reach the end. If there's a slight dip when you reach the end just do another slip stitch.

Step 7: All Finished!

Do these exact same steps to make the another glove. Now you have a completed your fingerless gloves! I hope you enjoyed this patteren!


For child size glove, chain 26 instead of 34 in the beginning of this pattern!

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