Introduction: Crochet Magic Ring Tutorial

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For the purposes of this tutorial I will refer to the Magic Ring but you can use any of these terms interchangeably with it:

  • magic loop,
  • adjustable ring,
  • adjustable loop,
  • adjustable magic loop
  • adjustable magic ring
  • magic adjustable ring

They all mean the same thing.

Step 1:

Here is how I make my Magic Ring:

1. Leave a 6-inch tail of yarn and then wrap the yarn around your hand (or fingers) once. Cross the yarn end over the working yarn (from the ball of yarn).

2. You will want to put your thumb on the bit that crosses over itself (where the working yarn and yarn end are crossed) to hold the loop in place. I have moved mine out of the way so you can see what I am doing in this image. Insert your hook into the loop you have created (remember your thumb is holding the crossed bit down so it doesn’t move!).

Step 2:

3. You will want to make your loop a little bit easier to work with so you can tighten it by holding the crossed strands and then pulling the tail of the yarn slightly. This will close the loop as much (or as little) as you want.

4. With your hook still inserted into the loop, yarn over the hook.

Step 3:

5. Pull up 1 loop – remember not to let go of the crossed strands!!

6. Chain 1.

Step 4:

7. Now you will begin to work your stitches into your magic ring – so for this example we are going to be working some single crochet stitches. Insert your hook into the centre of your magic loop and under the tail of your yarn.

8. Yarn over the hook – see how you are working over the 2 strands – this is correct and this will secure your yarn tail (less things to weave in later!)

Step 5:

9. Pull up 1 loop. You now have 2 loops on your hook.

10. Yarn over the hook.

Step 6:

11. Pull the yarn through both loops on your hook. Single crochet complete.

12. Let’s make another sc stitch in the magic loop. Insert your hook into the magic loop and under the yarn tail.

Step 7:

13. Yarn over the hook.

14. Pull up 1 loop. You now have 2 loops on your hook.

Step 8:

15. Yarn over the hook.

16. Pull the yarn through both loops on the hook. Single crochet made.

Step 9:

Now you will repeat the process to create 4 more single crochet stitches in the magic ring. For a total of 6 single crochet stitches. Repeat steps 12-16, 4 more times.

17. Now you can put your work down and take a look – you will see (hopefully) something similar to image 17 below. Take note of your yarn tail and working yarn strands.

18. Hold your work and pull the yarn tail to tighten the ring to close it completely.

Step 10:

19. You have now finished the first round of your magic ring ! Now depending on the instructions given by the specific Designer you will either need to:

  • slip stitch to join your magic ring before beginning your next round
  • begin your next round in the first stitch of your last round and use a stitch marker to mark your place (this is my preferred method as it eliminates the nasty seam in my projects!)

In this photo example I show you how I worked the first stitch of my 2nd round into the first stitch of my first round. So 1 sc has been worked into the first sc of our project. When I use my stitch markers I always mark my first stitch – so I know when I get to the very end of my round. Some people prefer to mark the last stitch of their rounds instead. This is totally up to you!