Introduction: Crochet Mobile

Please note: Heights of the floor to the ceiling may vary causing the length of the 22" string to be different

Step 1: You Will Need

Step 2: Crochet Around Your Ring

Step 3: Tie the 8" String Onto Your Hearts

Be careful not to use to much for tying, you want about 4.5" from ring to heart

Step 4: Tie the String of the Hearts to the Ring

Step 5: Tie Another String Across the Middle of the Ring

Step 6: Flower

Tie the 18" string to the flower then tie it to the string across the middle of the ring You'll want about 9.5" from flower to middle string

Step 7: Tying the Yarn

Tie the yarn to the ring then tie the yarn together near the top (make sure they are the same length

Step 8: Tie the 22" String to the Top of the Yarn Then to the Tack

Step 9: Tack to Ceiling Where Desired

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