Crochet Octo-Ninja

Introduction: Crochet Octo-Ninja

This is a very simple pattern for a crochet octopus ninja (octo-ninja) originally made for my brother a while ago since he was bothering me with his ninja love. This project only requires the basic amigurumi stitches and materials.

Materials Include:

- Yarn in preferred color (Red Heart, worsted weight is recommended)

- 8mm Safety Eyes (use black felt instead if you want)

- White Felt

- Crochet Hook (sizes F and G are the most common choices)

- Polyester Stuffing

- Yarn Needle

- Scissors

- Placeholder (optional/recommended) (I use bobby pins)

Abbreviations and Used Stitches:

(check YouTube for additional help)

Sc: Single Crochet

Mc: Magic Circle

Inc: Increase

Dec: Decrease

Note: *...* means repeat it until the end of the round

Note: (#) is the number of stitches you should have for that round

Step 1: Making the Head/Body

Sc in mc (6)

*inc* around (12)

*sc 1, inc* around (18)

*sc 2, inc* around (24)

*sc 3, inc* around (30)

*sc 4, inc* around (36)

*sc 5, inc* around (42)

Sc around (42) for 5 rows

*sc 5, dec* around (36)

*sc 4, dec* around (30)

*sc 3, dec* around (24)

*sc 2, dec* around (18)

Stuff lightly to see how it will look

Cut white felt into a rectangle with rounded edges

Cut small slits in the felt for the safety eyes to go through

Take stuffing out to more easily fasten safety eyes on the inside

Re-Stuff firmly

*sc 1, dec* around (12)

*dec* around (6)

Bind off and sew in ends

Step 2: Making the "Legs"

Make 8:

Sc 4 in magic circle (4)

*inc* around (8)

*sc 1, inc* around (12)

*sc2, inc* around (16)

*sc* around (16) for two rounds

*sc 2, dec* around (12)

*sc 1, dec* around (8)

Stuff and bind off

Decide where you want the 8 legs to be then sew onto body

This can be a useful desk companion since it is small and since it is made of yarn, you can stick stuff into it too, like small pens or needles.

A cute idea can be to make a little top hat for it... actually, I think I will do that with mine.

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    4 years ago

    This is so cute! His face reminds me of Baymax.