Crochet Phone Bag/ Case

Introduction: Crochet Phone Bag/ Case

About: Hi. I am a student. I crochet, and do many crafts. I am very creative and I love trying out new things! I am also a self taught gymnast/contortionist. I basically D.I.Y EVERYTHING!😁

If you don’t have a pocket, or a bag, use this!


Crochet needle
Sewing needle

Step 1: Chain

Chain the amount of stitches that is a little bit wider than your phone.

Step 2: Single Crochet

Single crochet until it is a good size for your phone. ( To determine the size ,fold your single crocheted item over your phone and it should have a lot extra for the flap)

Step 3: Sew

Fold over your item, but keep some of it not folded cause that will be your flap. Then sew the sides together.( I used yarn to sew but you could use thread for it to be neat)

Step 4: Strap

You can chain the strap until you get your length you like, but I recommend double crochet. Then sew the strap ends to the side of the case.

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