Introduction: Crochet Pumpkin Earrings

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These nice earrings are very fast to make and I am sure that you will be able to make them even if you are a beginner at crocheting!

I believe that there is something extremely cute about miniatures, the smaller they are, the more special.
I thought that one of the most perfect ways to show miniatures is wearing them as earrings and since Halloween is coming, what is the first symbol that comes to my mind about it? Pumpkins of course!
So here are my pumpkin earrings, I hope you like them and have fun making them! :)

Step 1: What You Need

  • orange and green cotton thread
  • crochet hook - I used a n° 4 - 1.75
  • a little bit of wadding
  • needle and thread
  • 2 earwires
List of stitches:
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet - sc

Step 2: The Pumpkin - Part 1

Start making a slipknot with the orange thread, then make 4 chain stitches.
Close the circle with a slip stitch.
Now make 5 sc all around the circle.

Second row: you have to make 8 sc on the 5 stitches of the previous row. So, distribute 3 increases, making 2 sc in the same stitch.

Third row: keep increasing in all the stitches to obtain 16 sc (redouble).

Rows 4 and 5: stop increasing and make 1 sc on every stitch.

Step 3: The Pumpkin - Part 2

Take a little bit of wadding and insert it in your "half" pumpkin.
We are going to start closing it now.

Sixth row: distribute 4 decreases now to obtain 12 sc. This is very simple, you just have to make a sc every 2 stitches.

Seventh row: keep decreasing to obtain 6 sc.

Keep doing this until your pumpkin is closed, secure and cut the thread.

Step 4: The Pumpkin - Part 3

Cut a piece of orange thread. What you have to do now is creating the sections of the pumpkin to give it a more realistic look.

To do this, insert the needle (with the thread) through the bottom of the pumkin all the way to the top.
Again, insert the thread from the bottom and pull it a little so that the thread will press on the pumpkin.
Keep passing the needle from the bottom to create as many sections as you want, always remembering to pull the thread a little.

When you are done, secure and cut the thread.

Step 5: The Stem - Part 1

Let's start working with the green cotton thread.

Make a slipknot, then chain 4 and close the circle with a slip stitch, just like you did previously.

All you have to do now is making 5 sc all around the circle. Close it with a slip stitch, secure and cut the thread.

Yes, you are done with this one! :D

Step 6: The Stem - Part 2

This is the "longest" part of the stem.

Make a slipknot and chain 10.
Now make 9 sc in the chains, skipping the first one. If you know how to crochet, you know that you should always skip one chain if you start making a sc.

When you reach the end, secure and cut the thread.

Step 7: Saw the Parts Together!

All you have to do now is sawing all the 3 parts together. I am pretty bad at sawing so this probably looks really messy on my earrings but I am sure that it will be much easier for you to do this and it will turn out great! :D

First of all, saw the little green circle to the top of the pumpkin using green thread and needle.
Finally, saw the bottom of the long stem to the green circle, always using the same green thread and needle.

Secure, cut and your first pumpkin is done!

Add the earwire to the top of the stem and make the other earring as well.

Now you can finally wear your handmade earrings! I bet that there is nothing cuter and more perfect for this time of the year! :)

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