Introduction: Crochet Purse and Matching Blouse

Here is an awesome purse instructable and a matching blouse with it.

This type of crochet needs somewhat of experience and of course Time.

I have kept it quite short giving the very detail of the pattern I have used here.
Hope this helps.

Step 1:

In this I will show you how to make Purse.

Rows are starting from bottom.

Row 1: 50 Chains
Row 2: 50 Double Crochet in 50 chains
             50 Double Crochet on Other side to make Pocket.Do this upto Row 5.
Row 6: 7 chains,skip 5 chains
              Single Crochet in next Chain-skip 3 chains-Single Crochet in next chain-3 chains-skip 3 chains-single crochet in next
Row 7:9 double crochet in chain 7
             Single Crochet in 3 Chain loop-3 chains-Single Crochet in 3 chain loop-Repeat
Row 8:1 double Crochet in 1 double Crochet-1 chain-1 double crochet in 1 double crochet-upto 10 double crochet
             Single crochet in next 3 chain loop-Repeat
Row 9:1 Single Crochet between 2 double Crochet triple Picot(3 chains and Single Crochet in first loop)
                Complete the row

Complete the remaining purse in a similar manner.

For Better designing,Put a tissue layer inside it.

Deorate the Handle with the Similar design

Your Bag is now ready to use.

Step 2:

I also have made a matching blouse with the above Purse.

The pattern used here is same.

You just need to give the shape to crochet to make it a nice blouse.

Just give it a try.

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