Introduction: Crochet Scalloped Edge Hat (From the Basics)

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This project is about how to make a crochet hat with scalloped edges. This is a perfect hat for the summer. The worlds of crochet is so vast. There are so many of ideas and techniques. Crochet work are so beautiful to see and it brings back those days when granny's did lots of crocheting.

I have created a crochet hat with scalloped edges for a doll. The same technique can be extended to a baby hat or even an adult Hat.

I have started from the basics so that it would be easy for the beginners to start crocheting right away.

Step 1: Materials

Anchor Mercer #40 cotton thread - White and Pink

(Each one is 20 gram)



Crochet Hook - 3.5-4.5 mm will be suitable

Step 2: Slip Knot

To begin with crochet we start with the slip knot.

Wind the yarn around your fingers.

Pick up the thread with the crochet hook through the loop you just made.

Pull the threads so that the knot is pulled up to the hook.

The knot should not be very tight or you will not be able to work in ease with the hook.

Step 3: Chain Stitch (part 1)

Now after doing the knot we have do the chain stitch. Here I have done about 12 chain stitch.

Now this is how to do a chain stitch. Here we go.

The crochet hook is now in the slip knot.

Firstly, with the crochet hook pick up the thread as shown in the photo.

Now pull the thread through the slip knot.

Step 4: Chain Stitch (part 2)

The first photo in this step show the result after 1 chain stitch.

Continue doing the same for 12 -15 times.

Pick up the thread and pull it through the loop.


For making a bigger hat you can either use a thicker thread or increase the number of chain stitch.

The length of the chain stitch will decide the upper portion of the hat.

Step 5: Single Crochet (part 1)

After completing the chain stitch, we have to go for the single crochet stitch.

Here, I will show how to do the single crochet stitch step by step.

Now from the end of the chain stitch we are going to do the single crochet stitch and go back to the starting point.

Leave the first hole (or) stitch.

Insert the hook through the second stitch from the end.

Pick up the thread and pull back it through the stitch.

Then we have two loops on the hook.

Step 6: Single Crochet (part 2)

Again pick up the thread and pull it through both the loops.

Step 7: Single Crochet (part 3)

Do the same stitch along the full length till you reach the starting point.

Continue the same stitch again in the opposite direction.

Thus the crochet work keeps getting bigger in diameter.

Stop doing when you have completed the round and reached the desired size of the white portion.

Step 8: Add New Color (part 1)

When you are done with the white portion of the hat and completed the circle, you can start using some other colored thread.

Place the pink thread as shown in the first photo of this step.

As you do the single crochet stitch, insert the hook in the next stitch. Pick up the pink color thread.

Step 9: Add New Color (part 2)

As in the single crochet there are two loops in the hook now.

Do the same procedure but with the pink thread now.

Now pick up the pink thread and pull it through the loops.

Let the extra white thread be there. When doing the rest few of the stitches stitch the white thread along in the behind. This is to secure the previous stitches of the white portion.

Step 10: Single Crochet Stitch (pink)

Do the single crochet stitch with the pink thread for the entire circumference of the circle.

I am using single layer since I am making a hat for a doll.


Now if you are making a crochet hat for a baby you can increase the number of layers of single crochet stitches. In this way the hat can be made bigger. You can change the colors of the thread used any time.

Step 11: Scalloped Edge (part 1)

To do the scalloped edge here are the instructions.

From the starting point of the circle, insert the hook in the second stitch.

Do the single crochet on the same stitch for 6-7 times.

Step 12: Scalloped Edge (part 2)

After that insert the hook on the next stitch. Pick up the thread and pull it through both the loops.

Step 13: Complete

Now miss the next stitch and repeat the same scalloped edge stitch.

Do the single crochet stitch for 7 times on the same stitch. Then complete on the next stitch.

Complete the entire circle. At the end cut few inches away with the scissors. With the help of needle finish the crochet with a knot.

As the knot is very tiny it wont be visible.

Step 14: Adorn

Adorn the crochet hat you have created on a doll.

Crocheted hats have the beauty of its own. Scalloped edges are easy to make once the basics of crochet is understood.

You can use the same technique to create a baby hat. You can use thicker thread and of different colors. Keep crocheting with the same process and you will get a massive big hat even for an adult.

Perfect hat for the summer.

Hope you like it.

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