Introduction: Crochet Shell Lace Earring

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I love shell stitch is crochet. It has an elegant look. A shell in crochet is basically just a group of stitches worked into one base stitch.

These will be a simple and earthy accessory to your summer wardrobe.

This is a simple crochet pattern. It can be made in an hour and a good pattern to start with for the beginners.

The beads give a contrast to the crochet shell earring.

Step 1: Materials

Crochet Needle


Crochet Hook - 5.5-6.5 mm will be suitable

Yarn/Thick thread

Earring Hook

Jump Ring

Step 2: Begin

Ch 5. Join to form a circle.

Step 3: Round 1

Ch 3, 17 Hdc in the circle

Step 4: Shell Stitch (1)

Ch 3, 3 Dc in same space.

Step 5: Shell Stitch (2)

Ch 2 , 4 Dc in the next stitch.

Step 6: Shell Stitch (3)

Turn Sl St back to same stitch.

Sl St through all 4 Dc

Step 7: Repeat

Do the shell stitch in the chain loop.

Repeat the shell Stitch 1 time.

Step 8: Beads

Now cut the yarn at a good length enough to continue rest of the stitches.

Insert some beads into the yarn with the help of a needle.

Step 9: Insert Bead

Insert 1 bead and then do a Hdc.

The bead will appear at the back of the work.

Do the same 6 times.

You will have 6 beads.

Step 10: Finish

Insert a jump ring at the center of the first round.

Add a earring hook.

Your crochet shell earring is ready.

It is unique and fancy to see.

I hope you like it. :)

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