Crochet Twisted Earwarmer Headband With Texture

Introduction: Crochet Twisted Earwarmer Headband With Texture

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Crochet twisted Earwarmer and the Twisted Crochet headbands are very popular at this time. I am sure we all have seen umpteen number of patterns and variations for this cute twisted headbands and twisted ear warmer crochet patterns floating around the internet. Even with a slight crochet stitch variation or using a variety of Worsted or Chunky Bulky yarn gives a new look to this Earwarmer.

This super fun one row repeat pattern of Twisted Textured Earwarmer Headband is a quick and quite easy twist headband pattern that you can crochet in less than one hour. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Crocheter this is a easiest twisted ear warmer crochet pattern to make on the go.

I absolutely love this crochet Earwarmer headband pattern because it is pretty and very functional. Using a bulky weight chunky fuzzy yarn makes it super warm and comfy which would be perfect for the fall and winter. They are perfect for using up your stash yarn. Crochet a bunch of them for yourself and they also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.


4.5''/23'' - Customizable to any size



Chenille Yarn 

6 mm Crochet Hook

Button or Any Embellishment

Step 1:

Here is the Video Tutorial:-

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Step 2:

Round 1:-

Start with a Slip Knot.

Chain 11.

You can adjust the size of the Ear Warmer by altering these stitches according to your requirement.

1 Single Crochet in the second chain from the hook.

1 Single Crochet in each stitch of the remaining stitches.

Chain 1 and turn.

Step 3:

Round 2:-

1 Backloop Single Crochet in each stitch.

To make this stitch, insert your crochet hook underneath the back loop only.

Once you reach the end, Chain 1 and turn.

These Backloop Single Crochets will give the ribbed texture.

Step 4:

Round 3 Onwards:-

Keep repeating Round 2 untill the size needed.

Step 5:


Place the two ends of the Earwarmer together so they are halfway overlapping with each other.

Fold one half over the other open one.

Fold the open one over the already folded one so that it overlapping each other and forms a zig zag pattern.

Use a yarn needle sew all the four layers together. Be sure to insert the yarn needle through all 4 layers. 

Sew back and forth a few times to secure the layers together.

Weave in the ends and turn the ear warmer inside out.

Use any decorative button or embellishment to decorate and your ear warmer is ready.

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