Introduction: Crochet for Gadget

Crochet for Gadget is an application helps to create a crochet for any size of rectangular gadgets (phones, electronics, DIY projects, etc.). Measure the size of the gadget and type in a form, the app generate a crochet pattern fit for the gadget. It has a built in pattern player. If there is a change in pattern the app will say it aloud the number and type of next crochets. The pattern can be walked through manually with a Bluetooth button or automatically with a timer. The app support statistics: full length of yarn, time need, and project cost etc.

Install the app to any android phone:

Step 1: Measure Gadget Size

Measure the length width and height of the gadget use a ruler or caliper.

Recommendation: the opening where the gadget will enter into the crochet should be the top side.

Step 2: Define the Yarn

Define the Yarn you will use for the project. This is a task that needs to done only ones. Create a 5 raw by 5 coulomb size sample crochet and measure it. The size of the 5x5 crochet will depend on the yarn, on the crochet hook and on the technic you are using. Measure the length and width of the finished sample crochet. You should measure the time you needed to create the sample crochet (use a watch). Before you start creating the sample yarn you should measure and mark the 1 meter yarn length. When you finish the sample crochet simply measure the remaining yarn to the 1 meter mark. Subtract the remaining length from 1 meter and the consumes yarn is already calculated. Alternatively mark the last crochet of the sample crochet and take a part the sample project so you can measure the consumed crochet length. The yarn color can be specified.

Step 3: Add Windows

If the gadget has any Display, cable entry, switch etc. which should be left open, it should be measured and add to the project by clicking on the “Add” icon where one window can be specified. First choose the side of the gadget where the opening should be. Then measure starting coordinates it should be calculated from the left upper corner. Measure the distance from the top left corner of the gadget and the top left corner of the window. The size of the window should be measured and typed into the form. Then click “OK”. You should add as many windows as it is needed, there is no restriction for added windows. A window can be deleted by clicking on the “DELETE” icon in front of the row.

Step 4: Play Pattern

After pushing the play icon the application will show the actual stitch symbol crochet, the previous two and the next two stitches. For more information about crochet symbols use Google search.

There is three ways to play a pattern:

1. use a Bluetooth button. When you finish with one stitch press the button, it will step forward with the pattern. Button press is usually equal to the volume phone button press, if on your phone behave differently change it in Settings.

Bluetooth button is a Phone Bluetooth Wireless Remote Shutter. Available on all online markets ie.:

And the holder as well:

Other remote control types should work as well, if they use Bluetooth connection (not BLE) and a remote button press is working as a real phone button press (usually does) e.g.: Volume up. the play button. It will step automatically, periodically forward in the pattern after time period is elapsed. The time period can be changed.

3. every time, when you finish with one stitch, just press the forward button on the screen.

Step 5: Available Functions

View crochet. It will show the crochet in graphic mode. The progress and the form of the crochet can be checked.

New project. A new project is starting. The current project will be stored.

Edit project. It opens this project and all parameters can be changed.

Open project. All created project can be played or deleted.

Voice support. If the next stitch is different than the present one, the application will say it aloud the type and number of the new stitches. The volume can be changed in 4 different level: max, max.3/4, max./4, mute.

Export. The crochet pattern can be exported into a .csv file. This file can be sent as an attachment with any e-mail client. The .csv file is readable with Excel or can be opened with Crochet Pattern Player app.

Statistic. All statistic can be seen here. Total yarn length and time need, already consumed yarn. Total project price.