Introduction: Crocheted Baby Bonnets

For the past four years, I have been volunteering for a non-profit called Second Stork, which offers baby necessities to new moms in need in hospitals all over Minnesota. Part of my work involves crocheting baby bonnets that get packaged up with other clothes and given to these mothers. The process of making these hats is quite rewarding, allowing one to relax and complete a good deed in just a few hours. Please enjoy this simple crocheted baby bonnet pattern.

If you would like to know more information about Second Stork, please visit our website.


1 skein lightweight yarn in any color (the weight and texture can be your choice, whatever you think would best suit a baby hat)

Here is a recommended yarn option:

6.0-6.5 mm (size J or K) crochet hook

Step 1: Practice

If this is your first time crocheting, you will need to learn few tips and tricks before you start. First, hold your crochet needle in your dominant hand and the yarn loosely in your other hand. You want it loose enough to slide through your fingers as you stitch. Next, I will guide you through the abbreviations I will be using in these instructions.

chain (ch) - loop the yarn once around the needle and pull it through

single crochet (sc) - push needle through a previous crochet loop, loop yarn around needle, pull yarn through first loop, loop it again and pull yarn through second loop

double crochet (dc) - loop around around needle then push needle through previous crochet loop, loop yarn around again, pull through once, loop and pull through again, loop and pull through again

Lastly, at the end of each round, you will need to connect the beginning and end of the round with a slip stitch, meaning you put the needle through the first loop and pull the yarn through. It's a very simple step. Then you'll want to chain 3 stitches before starting the next round of directions. Remember to do this before every round.

Step 2: Round 1

To begin, knot a simple loop around your crochet needle. Ch 3 and then 11 dc in the first loop you made around your needle.

Honestly, starting the hat is the hardest part. Don't get too frustrated just yet, because once you get into the rhythm of it, you'll be just fine.

Step 3: Round 2

Ch 3 then 1 dc in the first stitch of the previous round. After that, 2 dc in each stitch in round 1.

2 rounds done already!

Step 4: Round 3

Ch 3 and then 2 dc in the first stitch. 1 dc in the next stitch and then 2 dc in the following. Continue in this pattern, 1 dc then 2dc, all the way around the circle.

You're really getting the hang of this now. Your bonnet is bound to be beautiful.

Step 5: Rounds 4-10

Ch 3 and then 1 dc in each stitch around.

Your fingers are probably cramping right about now. Hang in there. Those finger muscles are going to be so strong.

Step 6: Round 11

Ch 1 and 1 sc in the first stitch. Then 1 sc in the next 8 stitches, followed by 2 sc in the next stitch. Continue this pattern, 1 sc in 8 then 2 sc in the next, for the rest of the circle.

You are so close! The end is in sight.

Step 7: Round 12

Ch 1 and then 1 sc in every stitch all the way around the circle. If you do not want a brim on your hat, stop after round 12. If you would like a brim, repeat round 12 until your brim is a satisfactory length.

Almost done!

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Complete your hat by cutting the yarn and tying it off in a knot. Weave the extra end of yarn back through the hat to hide it. Turn it inside out, fold the brim up, and ta-da! You have a hat!