Introduction: Crocheted Dreamcatcher

Crocheted dreamcatcher

Step 1:

You will need yarn of choice, size F crochet hook, wooden ring choice of size, not on picture feathers and beads of choice.

Step 2:

Make a slip stitch and put on hook and attach to hoop with single crochet

Step 3:

Chain 8 and single crochet around hoop. Keep doing chain 8 and single crochet around hoop until you get the hoop full.

Step 4:

Next row you will chain 7 then single crochet in each loop working from outside of circle working toward center of circle. Next row will be chain 6 then single crochet in each loop. Keep working toward center until your circle closes in. I ended up with chaining 2 and single crochet in each loop. Yours may be different depending on size of hoop. Once complete cut and tie off yarn and weave ends in.

Step 5:

I then took yarn and cut 4 pieces, fold yarn and put around hoop at different places on bottom, string on beads of choice and tie feathers of choice on bottom of dream catcher. then tie a loop of yarn on top to use as hanger.

Step 6:

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