Introduction: Crocheted Giraffe

About: I'm a beginning German teacher who is really getting into crocheting. I also knit (a little bit), sew, and bake. I'm a regular domestic! While I'm crocheting, you can find me watching the Office, the Vent…

This is the giraffe I made for my mom's Valentine's Day birthday. Giraffes are her favorite animals, so I decided to figure one out. After a first attempt at a head that looked rather like a platypus, I got back on the right track and figured the rest out pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I didn't keep much track of what I was doing as I made him, but if pressed, I could probably figure it out. He's got lots of pipe cleaners twisted together to make his legs sturdy and his little feet are full of rice to make him even sturdier. His body is all done in wool. It's Berroco Peruvia and the colors are (fantastically named) 7120 (which is the tan) and 7126 (which is the brown). He's also got mohair in his mane and tail and that is Erdal Clouds in color 09 (which is a brown variegated color). I used a size D (3.25 mm) hook and did him all in spirals. He's also got 2 tiny black buttons for eyes. I apologize for the mediocre lighting in my house. The digital camera with a flash washes everything out badly, so I'm currently taking pictures using a camcorder...which has no flash at all. I think you can still see pretty well, since he enjoys posing directly under lamps.

So I hope you like him and happy Valentine birthday, Mom!