Introduction: Crocheted Laptop Bag

This laptop bag is simple to make if you know basic crocheting. It uses double crochet and chain stitches.

Step 1: Measure and Begin

To start, begin chain stitching until you have a chain that is the desired length. The best way to do this is to measure your stitches against your laptop and then when you have the desired length begin to create rows with double-chain stitches.

Step 2: Build Up the Bag

Continue to double-chain stitch until you can wrap your rectangle fully around the laptop and then add the desired length for a flap.

Step 3: The Flap

For I attached it by threading a string through each corner of the flap so that I can slide the string around the bag and thus keep the lid shut, but you could also use another method of your own creation.

Step 4: Closing the Sides

To do this you could either use a blunt needle and embroidery thread or you could use the crochet needle. To do this you start with a new slip knot and attach it to the outside edge of the rectangle. Make sure you only do this far enough up so that the laptop will fit in the bag other wise you will have leftover space at the top, making it so that the laptop slides around inside. Then simply thread the crochet needle through both edges of the rectangle and pull the yarn through. Then move to the next stitch and repeat. It's a bit like sewing but with yarn and a crochet needle.

Step 5: Finish It

It should now be a functional laptop sleeve. Embelishments can be added as wished.