Introduction: Crocheted Poncho W/ Fur Lining

So, I started crocheting about a year ago. My poncho was one of my first and largest projects I have worked on.

The idea was to have a completely different jacket for fall that would keep me warm(plus I love ponchos!) Slowly that turned into winterizing it by adding the fur and I have to say it is one of my biggest accomplishments. This project probably took me around 2-3 months to finish completely.

The way I crochet is a little unconventional. I tend not to follow patterns and go based off what I want it to look like. However, the steps are fairly simple and easily adjusted to size!

In this Instructable, I will be going over how to make yourself a poncho of your very own!

Step 1: Supplies and Stitches

What you will need:
- Lots of yarn (mine took about 6 balls of blanket yarn and each ball was 6 balls of yarn)

- A 7mm crochet hook

- scissors

-Measuring tape

-Sewing machine

- approximately 2 meters of fur

-Sewing needle and thread


Stitches used:


- Chain

- Single Crochet

Step 2: Notes

- Make sure stitching is tight but not tight enough to snap the yarn. This will act as a bit of a windbreaker without the fur. Definitely not warm enough for the cold winter days but warm enough to last through most of fall and spring.

-Make sure to remember the chain line must be big enough to fit around your head.

- Before adding the fur, measure the length and width of your poncho to determine just how much fur you will be needing. My poncho took about 2 meters of fur with quite a bit of extras.

- For buttons, if you choose to add the fur lining, I used larger buttons around the neck and smaller buttons around the bottom for support.

Step 3: Crocheting the Poncho

First you want to create a slipknot.

Next, start with a chain stitch and continue with that stitch until it is able to fit around your shoulders.

Then, straighten out the chain line you have made and line it up with the yarn string facing you and insert the hook into the opposite side of the line and create one single crochet.

After that, stitch a single crochet all the way around and continue with that stitch pattern for every line. Until, you are one stitch over your shoulder.

Continue to stitch single crochets, however, take one stitch out of the shoulder on both sides for one line to.

Then continue with the single crochet all the way around, adding a stitch if more width is needed for the arms. Crochet as many lines as needed to the length of your body.

Step 4: Adding the Fur

Trace the poncho over the rough side of the fabric on both sides.

Then cut out your two shapes. (if needed trim fur down on sides where you will be sewing the fur together)

Set up your sewing machine and sew both sides of the poncho together and trim any excess. (leave out head hole and the bottom)

After that, use a sewing needle and thread to sew buttons onto the rough side of the fur.

Once buttons are sewed, insert fur poncho into crocheted poncho with fur facing in and attach each button to its proper position.

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