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Introduction: Crocheted Reindeer Candy Cane Covers

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When thinking of fun but easy presents to make my friends for Christmas, I found a crocheted horse candy cane cover. I wanted to make something more appropriate for the holidays so I decided to modify what I saw to create an easy crocheted reindeer candy cane cover.

Because it is really simple with a couple notes and my pictures, hopefully it will be pretty easy to create one of your own (or the whole pack like I did, including Olive as I used one to place on my own tree)!

The reindeer were made with only a couple parts:

+ Light brown size 4 yarn

+ Black or red size 4 yarn

+ Dark brown size 4 yarn

+ Tiny googly eyes (optional)

+ G/6 crochet hook

+ Regular sized candy canes

+ Tapestry needle

+ Scissors

Step 1: Body

The body of the reindeer was a simple pattern. However, I had to change how long I made it and compare it often to the candy cane as they are always different sizes.


(using light brown yarn)

Do 6 sc in a MC (6)

Sc once in each st around until the tube is long enough for you.

FO and hide ends within the small tube.

Step 2: Antlers

The pattern for the antlers was pretty simple too. You can change it to match your reindeer or what you want it to look like.

For most of my reindeer I used this pattern:

(using light brown) x2

Chain 6, sk 1 and turn;

slst in next 2 sts

chain 3 sk 1 and turn;

slst in next 2 sts

slst in last 3 sts down the main chain;

FO leaving a short tail to tie on.

Step 3: Decorating Your Reindeer(s)

Now it is time to assemble your reindeer.

1. Slip the body around the top of the candy cane.

2. Tie the antlers to the top of the reindeer's head.

3. Using either black or red yarn, sew on a large nose near the bottom of the candy cane. Hide all ends.

4. Using the dark brown yarn, pull a medium sized piece of yarn through the nose and behind the antlers. Create a knot and cut off.

5. Place the googly eyes on the reindeer's head. If they do not automatically stick you may have to use hot glue or craft glue to make them stick instead.

Now that you have finished one reindeer, you can repeat all steps to make Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, and Rudolph (and if you are up for it, Olive too).

I hope you enjoyed this easy project. It was fun to make and in no time you'll have morphed a whole pack of candy canes into Santa's helpers!

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    4 years ago

    I love these. Such a great idea!! Definitely going to make these next Christmas