Introduction: Crocheted Spiral Yoga Mat Bag

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This is the second yoga mat bag I have made.  My first one was for myself, and you can see a photo of it here: My Yoga Mat Bag on Pinterest.

I made this bag because my mom made a comment on the Pinterest photo of “Is this for sale?”  Well, no, it wasn’t for sale, and of course, I wasn’t going to charge her for one anyway….

As a result, I made her this yoga mat bag and my family and I gave her a new yoga mat for her birthday. 

This beautiful bag could be made for Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or the ‘who-needs-a-reason-to-give-a-gift’ time, as long as you know how to crochet.  I estimate the total time of work is anywhere from 10 to 14 hours depending on your experience.

I am selling the pattern for only $3 on Ravelry, and you can get it here: Crocheted Spiral Yoga Mat Bag Pattern.  The pattern comes with all the attached figures and photos in a .pdf file format.

Please feel free to use this pattern for personal use, or selling completed ones, but PLEASE, give me the credit for the pattern by preferably placing a link on your completed project page or sale cards.  As all designers, I would appreciate if you would not call this pattern as your own, or copy the photos for this project for anything other than personal use.

I have attached the notes and photo tutorial on how to create the stitches to the project on the Instructable, so again, if you give someone the pattern, you may want to link to the Instructable as well.

Pattern Notes:
Skill Level: Experienced
Crochet Hook Size H, 5.00 mm, 2 coordinating buttons
Gauge: Gauge is not necessarily important for this project.  However, the base should be at least 5.5-inches in diameter at the end of Round 4 of Base pattern to fit a standard yoga mat.

Figure 1
: Yarn used: 4-ply Cotton
My selections for this bag:
  MC (Main Color): White, 2 balls created from Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton Yarn
  CA: Lavender, 2 balls created from one 2.5 oz ball, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream on Amazon
  CB: Plum, 2 balls created from one 2.5 oz ball, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream
  CC: Violet, 2 balls created from one 2.5 oz ball, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream
Figure 2: Base and top of bag are worked using two strands of yarn.
Figure 3: Move stitch marker for each round as work progresses.
Figure 4: Keep all balls of yarn separate and as untangled as possible as work resumes.
Figure 5: Leave unfinished work on inside of bag while not in use.  Do not cut yarn unless otherwise specified.
Figure 6: Carry MC along work throughout changed color stitches.
Figure 7: Carry back Coordinating colors A, B, and C to begin next row of stitches on row above previous row.
Figure 8: Pattern Stitch – jcdc
With previous color, yo and pull up a loop in next st, (three loops on the hook.)  With next color, in pattern, yo and pull through two loops on hook; yo and pull through two loops on the hook; yo and pull through last two loops = jcdc made

Figures 9-20 show work in progress as described below.
Figure 9: Shows last stitch (st) of round (rnd) 4.
Figure 10: Shows first eight (8) stitches (sts) of round 16.
Figure 11: Shows the last stitch of round 38, the change to the main color (MC) with a slip stitch (slst) to the first stitch of the row in the round.
Figure 12: Shows how to do a reverse single crochet (rsc) in row 39 for edging.
Figure 13: Shows round 39 complete.
Figure 14: Shows the work for the top in progress.
Figure 15: Shows the whip stitch of the top to the bag.
Figure 16: Shows the work in progress for the button straps. (Make 2.)
Figure 17: Shows the whip stitch for the button strap to the top.
Figure 18: Shows how to attach the strap with a back post single crochet.
Figure 19: Shows how I completed the carrying strap.
Figure 20: Shows where I placed the buttons.

Thanks for looking!  I look forward to seeing your completed projects! 
Please feel free to link them to my Ravelry project site.