Introduction: Crock Pot Broth

Whether you are looking to save money, eat healthy, or reduce waste in your kitchen, making your own bone broth is a simple thing to do. There is not a lot of active prep time for this recipe- 10-15 minutes for the simplest version, 20 if you are adding more vegetables. Inactive time can be as little as overnight to 24 hours for a deeper flavor.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients and Materials

For the most basic broth you will need

Leftover bones. Here I am using ham.

Water to cover. I am using 9 cups.

1-3 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

1 Medium onion

4+ Garlic cloves

1 Crock Pot


Cutting board



Step 2: Gather Optional Ingredients

Carrots, celery, or other vegetables

Herbs to taste


Dried peppers

Step 3: Prepare Bones

Put bones in the crock pot.

Add apple cider vinegar and cover.

This helps pull out the nutrients.

Step 4: Chop Vegetables

Rough chop the vegetables into 2-3 inch sticks.

Quarter the onions.

Garlic cloves can be tossed in whole or crushed either with the flat of your knife or between two large spoons.

Step 5: Add Vegetables and Optional Ingredients to the Crock Pot

Step 6: Cover With Water

Step 7: Cover Crock Pot

Cover crock pot with lid and cook on low for 8-24 hours. Do not lift the lid until you're done!

Step 8: Strain

When broth has cooked to the desired time, turn off the crock pot.

Strain out the vegetables, herbs, and bones. Throw away.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Home-made broth is very versatile. Use in soups and stews, drink on its own, or add flavor to other from- scratch recipes.

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