Introduction: Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle/BB Gun to Pistol

In this instructable I will be showing you how to turn your Crosman 760 or any other air rifle/bb gun into a pistol. (sorry j do not have detailed pictures as I've already made this pistol but I will explain).

Step 1: Warning! These Mods All Though Cool Will Change Your Guns Performance Slightly.

A few weeks ago on an impulse buy I decided to get a bb gun and I decided on the crosman 760 air rifle. Its cheap and not that bad of a gun, sight is good with pretty decent power and accuracy. note this is the new 2014 model. More sleek styling, longer pump handle and I bit lighter than the previous model. Me being my natural self I always have to tinker with things so I decided to mess with this. After tons of research I didn't find too much done to this model or the previous model. So I took this into my own hands. Enjoy.

Step 2: #1. Stock

One of my problems was i wanted to be able to carry my rifle in the woods etc but found it to be too big to fit in a backpack or what have you. so my first idea was the stock. To start I found the best spot to cut right down the stock where your palm meets the stock itself. note where my finger is. You will see that if you cut their it will make a perfect handle like a small shotgun or pistol. So take your saw and have at it. now you will have a nasty hole where the stock once was. all I did was apply some electrical tape to hide and give better comfort. I'm sure there are better ways but I found this to work very well.

Step 3: #2. the Barrel

This step was a bit difficult. Note choosing the length of there barrel will change range of fire. The shorter it is the less range you will have. So in this step choose your length as to your own preference. I chose mine to me short to be more like a pistol and to make it small enough to fit in my bag. Now I didn't have a hacksaw laying around at the moment of this build but i did have one of those crazy "hack through metal kitchen knives" which took some time but did work. Regardless you need to take your time and cut as straight as possible, if its not straight you could dramatically cut your accuracy away. But I can help with that. when I cut I made the mistake of getting 3/4 of the way through and then banging it with a hammer to bend and snap it the rest of the way. Big no no! Just keep cutting! Doing so left me with an un even barrel end. To fix this I simply used a dremel tool and smoothed it out. next find a drill bit that fits perfectly inside the barrel, not any bigger! This is just to clear away any debris that where left from cutting.

Step 4: #3 Sight

For this part I actually lost my front sight in a earlier mod (silencer) so I had to rig a pointed sight too my barrel if I'm not using my scope. Although most sights on your barrel come right off using a little force and some pliers. So that piece of barrel you cut with the sight still in will fit right back into your new shorter barrel, which is why we clean it up with the dremel.... Just slide it back on.

Step 5: #4 Scope

This is just an option if you have or want a scope showing you that everything still fits and looks pretty darn cool!!!!

Step 6: #5 Silencer :)

This is another step I will build with detail and pics in another instructable that I will be posting today. Works great and looks awesome!!!!!

Step 7: Well Thanks Guys I Hope You Enjoyed This As Much As I Did. Very Soon I Will Be Doing an Updated Version With Pictures.....

Step 8: