Introduction: Cross Cut Jig for Circular Saw Using Drawer Slides

I made a cross cut jig for circular saw using drawer slides.

It works very smoothly and accuately, i hope you give it a try in the future.

Step 1: I Cut a Piece of Plywood, Immediately Cleaned It Up. He Took Two Bars and Adjusted to Size.

Step 2: I Fixed the Bars on Glue and on the Screws

Step 3: Add Bars on Top.

Step 4: Also Fix on Glue and Screws.

Step 5: One Part of This Homemade Product Is Ready, Put Aside. Now You Need to Make the Second Part, for This, Cut a Piece From the Same Plywood.

Step 6: We Clean, Cut Off the Bars of the Size We Need.

Step 7: Again on Glue and Screws.

Step 8:

Now the most interesting thing is to assemble the structures into a single whole. We install a circular saw, glue pieces of plywood around the circumference. It will be clamps, the saw will be pressed tightly, but at the same time, it can be freely taken out.

Step 9: Now, You Need to Fix the Ball Guides.

Step 10: We Make Self-tapping Screws on Both Sides.

Step 11: That's All, Our Design Is Ready, We Make a Template Slot.

Step 12: It Remains Only to Verify the Work.

Step 13:

It would be trite to show an even angle of 90 degrees, I’ll show it at 45. I set the latch and the template at 45 degrees.

Step 14:

But this is only one of the few applications, for example, you can raise the disk and select the groove in the beam, etc. Watch the full version in our video

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