Introduction: Paracord Cross-Knot Cross

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I got this idea off of Stormdrane's instructable cross knot paracord lanyard, there is a cross using the same knot which appears that he ran another bit of cord underneath the vertical of his cross to create the horizontal limbs.

I wanted to go about a paracord cross a bit differently, I wanted to create a cross without having to cut and singe the ends until I had finished the piece. I tried tying reversed versions of these knots with the 'how everyone teaches it' or "proper" way to tie cross knots (There are really 4 different configurations that look very similar). I went about it using this approach to attempt to make a cross by alternating between the two configurations. This turned out to be a total flop and I apologize I don't have a picture of what it looked like but the best few words to describe it would be jumbled, a mess, and twisted.

I moved on and thought about trying to make a ninja star shape out of paracord (yes as whimsical as it sounds it would not work nearly as well as the metal blades that were truly defined as shurikens.) As I was developing a ninja star to go with my future-planned paracord ninja nunchucks, I realized that I could re-visit my previous idea about a paracord cross and make one. I discovered this looks quite nice so here is the product of that work.

Step 1: Materials

-Paracord (I had roughly 4' to start with but it ended up using a couple inches less than 2')
-Pliers for adjusting the knots
-Lighter to singe the ends

Step 2: Cross Knot

This is how everyone teaches this knot. I have created a faster way of tying this knot, because it keeps the cordage held in place a little better. Move on to step 3 to see more

Step 3: Loop Around the Fingers

I am right handed but through-out tying this knot I use my left hand to thread the working end under and through the bights.

Start by off setting the cordage by 4"-6" of the center, and put the shorter end in the palm. To begin I look at the strand on the inside of the hand for this and I think to myself "over, under, under." It is the same as two twists to the left and one twist to the right.

Step 4: Around and Under

The working end is now on the inside of the hand if the twist is pinched between the pinky and ring finger. Spread the middle and ring finger apart then loop it underneath to create a pinched bight around the ring finger made from the non working end.

Step 5: Around and Up

Thread the paracord up through the first bight around the index finger.

Step 6: Final Loop

Thread the working end into the top of the bight on the ring finger.

Step 7: Tighten and Adjust

Tighten and adjust. I like to leave a loop about the size of the knot. Use some needle nose pliers to work some of the slack out to create a nice firm knot.

Step 8: Starting the Next Knot

Start with the knot on the inside. Tie the same knot

Step 9: Add Another

Tighten, adjust and repeat the knot in the same manner.

Step 10: Starting the Bottom

Leave the strands uncrossed and wrap around the fingers like the last knots and tie, tighten, and adjust three knots in a row.

Step 11: Cut Melt and Smooth

Cut the excess paracord off. I like to leave an eighth of an inch to melt with the lighter

Step 12: Finished

You have created a paracord cross. Add it to a keychain or necklace or gut the paracord to make a bookmark. Try different variations like a double and press that "I made it" button if you have made it.

Thanks for reading!

PS. Here is Version 2 Paracord Cross Knot Cross