Introduction: Cross Pops Popsicles!

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Won't you be the life of the party when you hand out CROSSPOPS! yummy! Here's a quick guide to making your very own, bring them to church functions like potlucks, bbq, socials, etc. It's pretty simple, all you need is:

1. glue or string to fasten the sticks together. (non toxic!)

2. popsicle sticks

3. black and red pen or fine marker (non toxic!)

4. dark colored fruit juice

5. popsicle molds (buy them or search instructables!)

Step 1: Create the Cross!

Cut one of the sticks (be careful!) and glue or tie them to the longer one making a cross. If you glue, let sit for as long as the glue recommends, maybe longer as you will be soaking in liquid!

Step 2: Draw Jesus!

Draw jesus! Remember, use lots of blood as deists love blood, also be creative! Try zombie jesus, alien jesus, devil horn jesus, nude jesus (don't give that last one to any children, lol)

Use a non toxic pen!

Step 3:

Buy your popsicle molds from a store or online or make your own. Make sure they are wide enough for your crosses!

Use a juice that's very dark so you won't see jesus peaking through and spoil the surprise!

Step 4: Share and Make Friends!

You will be the most popular person around when you start sharing these! Keep some in the freezer for that special occasion when religious people come to visit you! Give them to relatives, friends, enemies, strangers, everyone will be very excited when they discover the secret!