Introduction: Star Trek Cross Stitch: Spock

Cross stitch pattern (in excel and picture form) featuring Spock from Star Trek. Note the completed piece doesn't match the pattern in two ways: 1) the sleeve is a bit different because I didn't actually have the pattern with me when I was finishing it up and 2) I adjusted the pattern after making it to increase contrast in the face (otherwise his nose isn't always readable at a distance).

Step 1:

Aida 14 count cloth (pattern written for a 5x7” frame)

Colors (standard floss color number given)

hair/eyebrows/eyes/collar - black

highlights in hair - 169

skiln (4 shades, from lightest to darkest): 948, 945, 842, 841

shirt (lightest to darkest): 3766, 3760, 3765

insignia, trim on sleeve: E3821 (sparkly gold, can substitute 729)