Introduction: Cross Stitch Wood Necklace

I like to make a lot of the smaller gifts I get for colleagues and distant relatives. It makes it special, but not too expensive. I decided to make these cross stitched wood necklaces this year. It was easy to make and cost very little.



Saw with mitre box


Small drill bit

Sand paper (optional: electric sander)

Pointed sanding/grinding bit

Jump ring

Embroidery thread


Cord or chain


Step 1: Mark and Cut

The wood pieces I found at the local craft store were 1.75" wide, so I decided to make my piece 1.75" square and mark it every 1/4".

Cut off the excess with a saw and mitre box.

Mark your design.

Step 2: Drill

Drill holes at each cross point that is required for your design. You can also put holes at every cross point to make a piece you can change into another design when you want to change it up.

Drill an extra hole in the top center for your jump ring.

Step 3: Sanding

Sand the wood smooth.

I used a dremel grinding bit in my drill to sand each hole and an electric sander to sand the front, back, and sides. I also sanded the corners to round them out a bit.

Step 4: Cut Sides

If your design goes all the way to the edges like mine, you'll need to cut a groove in the sides.

Use the mitre box and saw to cut shallow grooves in the sides. Again, you can put them all the way around or just where you need them for your chosen design.

Sand the grooves.

Step 5: Stitch

Thread your needle and stitch your design.

Step 6: Enjoy

Add the jump ring and cord.

Go out on the town and enjoy or gift it to a friend!

If I won a Form 1+ 3D Printer in the Formlabs Contest...

I would be able to create and print new parts for other projects instead of fabricating them like I did with this one. Projects like this would be even more reproducible if I could provide the file for the pieces I made. Being a public school teacher, I would love to have the opportunity to print some of my student's creations. Each student has an iPad with various 123D apps on them, and I've always wanted to experiment with creating collectible art toys.

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