Introduction: CrossFit Thruster Technique

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Hey Everyone, Julie with CrossFit FYR in Slidell, Louisiana. Today, I will take you through a CrossFit Thruster Tutorial to review proper form, common mistakes, and efficiency tips.

Step 1: Start Options

There are 2 ways to start a CrossFit Thruster.

The first option is to start in a squat clean thruster. The athlete will go directly into a squat clean thruster.

The second option is to start in a power clean. This option is for the less experienced athlete as it allows them to get situated before initiating a CrossFit Thruster.

Step 2: Squat Movement

From a standing position, the bar should be resting across the shoulders.

On the way down, elbows must be up and weight on heels.

If not, the elbows will hit the knees causing the athlete’s back to round and fall forward as shown below.

Step 3: Upward Movement

From the squat position, the next step is to explode upward into a standing position.

Next, explode out through the hips and through the heels.

Lastly, lock out arms overhead with active shoulders.

Step 4: CrossFit Thruster Common Mistake & Quick Tip

The most common mistake I see quite often is bringing the barbell down as the athlete goes into a front squat. This causes a ‘crash’ on the shoulders at the bottom.

To rectify this mistake, don’t start the front squat until the barbell touches the shoulders. Then, proceed with the front squat.

Tempo and speed are important because the barbell doesn't go back to the floor while performing multiple CrossFit Thrusters. If CrossFit Thrusters are done too quickly, fatigue will set in and the barbell will need to be put down to rest.

Another tip is breathing technique. It is vital to get enough oxygen during thrusters to be efficient and maintain form. A big inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up works the best.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

I hope you this CrossFit Thruster Tutorial helps you improve your technique and efficiency. Checkout my post on CrossFit Man Makers.

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