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My husband had collect all these bags over the years even before I meet him eleven years ago, so this is my very first quilt I ever made by hand except sewing the block together. I cut the bags with sissors first and then used a rotar blade with pad to make them more even. I had enough of the bags to make the front and back. There were even some small bags that I uses to make a small pillow case for a 12 x 12 pillow to go with it. This Quilt goes with us when we go camping. My husband by the way did not drink all the Crown Royal we had neighbors that even donated some of the bags and they also helped. When I started Quilting I used gold thread, a small ruler and a pencil that would wash out so that when I embordiaried the lines would be streight. Then on the border i used Purple three inch and sewed it on then on top of it I used Gold fringe. I want do that again on a Quilt that was expensive but it didi make it look nice for my first one. I was When i started the embordiary it was from the middle to the outside. This one took awhile but fun. Enjoy and please vote.

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hello. I'm just a novice quilter (made 1 small quilt from a kit). My son has given me a load of Crown Royal bags and wants me to make him a quilt and pillow shams. Would you by any chance have step by step instructions for your quilt and pillows?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    What a great job! I love repurposing and you made a quilt that gets used from a prized collection gathering dust. Very clever.