Introduction: Crown Royale

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My daughter was given an assignment to utilize symbols of a Greek god. Her assigned God was Hera and she is the queen of the gods, so she decided to make a crown utilizing the symbols of pearls, diamonds, a fire jewel and peacock. So we present to you our Crown Royale (desk top ornament)

Step 1: Materials

1 TALL PLASTIC CYLINDER (I used an old supplement bottle I had laying around)

Assortment of flat back FAUX JEWELS







RED CLOTH NAPKIN (or any scrap red cloth you may have laying around)

Step 2: Tools

Utility knife

Glue gun

Heat gun

Short length of 3 inch PVC pipe

Step 3: Hitting the Bottle

Take the plastic cilinder,or in this case the supplement bottle, and measure the circumference.
For this project I chose to have 4 arches for the crown. I measured 2 inch lengths spaced evenly around the base of the bottle. This is where knowing the circumference comes in handy.
I then drew a straight line up the bottle from each marking.
I then drew a line around the circumference of the bottle 3 inches from the bottom
Cut at the lines to start forming the base and arches of the crown.

Step 4: Get Into Shape

Cut the neck of the bottle of so you will have 4 strips to form into arches.
Heat one of the strips with the heat gun so it becomes malleable and use the PVC pipe to shape it into an arch. Do this to the remaining strips as well.

Step 5: Get Them Together

Now bring the edges of the strips to the middle securing them together by sandwiching the ends between the two wooden discs and glue them together. You can use clamps to hold this together until the glue sets.

Step 6: Tacking Points

Now that you have the base product you can decide on embellishments. I chose to use plastic pearls and jewels.
On each arch I planned to put a row of plastic pearls, so to support them I pushed tacks (the same number per arch) from underneath the arches.
I spray painted the crown gold, giving it 3 coats.

Step 7: Jewel Want a Corona

Now take your red cloth and fold a wad of crumpled newspaper in the center.
Put glue to the bottom of the crown and place the the ball of cloth in making sure the smooth surface is up.
You can start adding your embellishments at this time. As I stated earlier I used plastic pearls and jewels, and as this project was a crown for Hera the queen of gods, we added peacock feathers (as that is one of her symbols). We also added a large plastic diamond for the top of the crown.

Step 8: Tada

So there you have it a desk top crown ornament. With some changes this could easily be made into a wearable crown. But that will have to be another instructable, or message me and I can tell you how to alter the instructable.