Introduction: Crown and Wall Lanyard

In the tutorial I do not mention the wall knot. The wall knot is formed when the knot knot turned over and a crown knot is tied. - "a wall knot is a crown knot turned up-side down".

Step 1:

Middle two cords and seize them together

Step 2:

Tie a crown knot to the right.

Step 3:

Take any cord (blue in this case) and bring it over, under.

Step 4:

Take the next clockwise cord (red) and go over, under.

Step 5:

Next clockwise cord over, under.

Step 6:

and the last cord the same.

Step 7:

Neaten the knot.

Step 8:

Turn loop end down and tie crown knot to the left.

Step 9:

Each end will lie next to a cord coming from the seized loops. Take any cord (blue in this case) and parallel to the left of its neighbor go under one.

Step 10:

across the top going under one.

Step 11:

and back towards the loops going under one.

Step 12:

Repeat the process for the remaining ends.

Step 13:

Bring a hemostat up through the center of the knot (left hand image)

Pull the cord through the knot (right hand image)

Step 14:

Repeat for the remaining cords.

Step 15:

Upper photo - remove the seizing and trace the cord coming from the inside of the two loops. Pull on this so that only one loop is showing. Now tighten the knot.


Lower photo - In the example on the lower right I made two over unders in steps three - six for all ends.

In the upper left I eliminated the over under, turned the knot and tied the second crown.

The ends can be fringed or cut close to the knot .