Cryptex Type_a. Flash Drive Holder/wallet

Introduction: Cryptex Type_a. Flash Drive Holder/wallet

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On this manual I added drawings for assembly classical Cryptex (on my cryptex family it has name type_a)

Cryptex can be assembled from brass/ aluminium pipes or from solid metal block using lathe

For assembling from pipes you'll need

1. Pipes


d16mm d18mm

d18.25mm d20.25mm

d20.5mm d22.5mm

d22.75mm d24mm

2. Saw

3. File

4. Soldering iron

For assembling using lathe you'll need

1. Lathe

2. Solid metal blocks

For assembling from wood

1. Lathe\handmade lathe

2. Wood

3. Correct drawings for wood like wood pipes


d16mm d24mm

d24mm d32mm

d32mm d40mm

d40mm d48mm

4. Glue, sandpaper

For first time try to make cryptex from wood

For 3D printing

1. Correct Drawings for your type of 3d printer

2. Add correction for dimmension

(on metalworking i use 0.1-0.25mm step in all parts)

On step 1 I’ll show you how to assembly from parts.

On step 2 check for drawings that I create in Autocad Inventor 2015 especially for

Other interesting methods for constructing cryptex

Laser Cut Cryptex - Puzzle Box by Da3da1u5 on

really big project and hard to assembly.... but

Segmented Wooden Cryptex by MissionSRX on

You'll need some skils in woodworking

From IDEA to PRODUCTION - Cryptex by JABA 3D on


3 D printed Cryptex by MrDarkNebulah on

for 3Dprint

And for handmade lathe The Easiest Way to Make a Wood Bowl with a Handmade Lathe without Jigs by Hairbrush Inventor on

Step 1: Assembly. Some Comments on Photos

Check notes on photos

Step 2: Drawings


Have a nice day

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