Cryptography Machine in Processing




Introduction: Cryptography Machine in Processing

This project originated by I saw a video on youtube about encrypting Ticker tape in the old days and that they used XOR to encrypt with. It sounded exciting and an interesting project to mess with the evening.
I decided to make it in Processing, because I could be a little Java programming and because I had been toying with ControlP5 library, but would like to continue working with it.

I'm not a software programmer. I just visually it's fun to mess around with.

Step 1: Requirements.

Step 2: Encryption Metode

The encryption is made by using XOR.

I have made an example below, that shows how is works.

01001000 = 72 = H - "Letter to be encrypted"

00011001 = 25 - "Number to encrypt with"


01010001 = 81 = Q - "The encrypted letter"

For more information about XOR:

Step 3: Result

The result is a program, that can encrypt and decrypt short messages.

It's important to keep in mind that this is not a strong encryption. Capital Letters is also capital letters, when encrypted (if encrypted number is low). If encryption number is a high number, such as 254, the letters will all be squares.

The code is described in the program file.

Hope people will find this program interesting and built further on it.

I would like to thanks the forums of Stackoverflow and Processing for helping me.

Screenshots and code included.

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