Introduction: Crystal Candle Bar Light

This is an easy and quick weekend project that turn an old tacky LED candle into a classy crystal glass miniature bar table light.

In my house there were a few Old LED candle lights that's been sitting on the coffee table for years but seems to be neglected and no one wanted to turn them on for a bit of mood light. they were a very old set so over the years the wax on the outside started to get sticky and the dirt and dust that stick on the surface just make them look unpleasant. One of the wax shell must have exposed to the summer heat and started to sag on one side. so I decide to upcycle the LED unit and make them delightful again.

the Inspiration came from Kartell Battery Lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

Each one of the brand lamp cost almost 300 aussie dollars and they are not even made of crystal. I love the design so this is my take and it cost a fraction of the price.

the planing is create a LED diffuser from cut crystal glass bowl from a second-hand store. Design a base for the LED unit and attach the glass to a 3d printed base and insert the LED near the crystal to diffuse the light evenly.

Lets begin the process -->


Cut Glass Bowl from 2nd hand store, donation store( vinnie's, salvation army store, etc), or vintage market. I got this bowl for about 1 dollar from a set of Crystal bowls.

Used one from ebay, or find an odd one from parents/ grandparents cupboard.

Old LED Candle from K mart, dollar store, Ikea

Australian Link

M6 Carriage bolt set 75mm in Length

Australian Link

Step 1: Break Down Old LED Candle

This candle is quite old so the surface is quite sticky and malleable. I don't know the exact model of this candle it has 4 square shaped LED exposed, I used a small chisel to break up the outer shell.the LEDs are powered by 4 AA batteries with a dim circuit and a simple switch I cleaned all the wax residues and removed the switch from the plastic case. measured all the parts. the size of the LED, the diameter of the battery case and the height and width.

now is time to design the base.

Step 2: Design the Lamp Base in Fusion 360

I recently learned to use fusion 360 in my design. it is such a tremendous design software to use with all the function I can possibly imagine.

I designed a tapered shaft with a hollow core the LED will separat at 4 corners to light up the dome evenly. the 75mm carriage bolt connect the crystal glass dome with the base shafted and secured by the nut on top covered with a nut cap. the Switch is designed to fit on the side.

fron the section view the middle of the shaft is sliced to 2 parts the upper and the base. the reason is to make the wiring process easier and also make the print more manageable for my printer. the shell is reinforced with 2 ridges to add strength and weight. wires are connected internally.

Once all the parts are modeled in Fusion, save them as STL file and start the printing process

Step 3: 3D Printing Lamp Base

There are 3 parts

1. the base of the lamp

2. the upper shaft and 3.a nut cap

the support should be minimum.

Step 4: Post Printing Process

lightly sand all the parts with 220 grit sand paper and then brush on acetone to smooth out any imperfection. sand the part a 2nd time to remove any brush stroke marks.

I have also pre-assembled the parts to make sure them fit nicely.

Step 5: Fit LED Inside the Base

First fit the switch into the small cavity on the side of the shell.

Break up the LED holder from the original candle. remove the LED individually and solder thin wires to make them long enough to reach the top of the shaft.

guide each LED through the holes for the wire. meantime make sure the wires do interfere with the carriage bolt in the middle , the tolerance is quite small but with thin wires there is enough space to move around.

Join the 3dprinted part together with super glue or acetone.

Lastly, solder back the LED connections to the battery case. I carefully did it one by one make sure they are all working.

Step 6: Painting the Base

Cover the LED and the switch with Masking tape.

Apply 2 coats of grey primer them lightly sanded the base

Apply 1 more coat of grey primer

Once paint is dried apply 2 coats of gold color.

Remove the tape once all dry.

Step 7: Drill the Crystal Glass Dome

I used a 6mm glass drill bit to drill the hole.

on the side I have a 1 litter soda bottle pierced on the side to have some water dripping on the drill area.

slowly drill into the center of the glass bowl. it wont take long but be careful not shutter the glass with force.

TIP: Make sure the drilling surface is wet all the time.

once the hole is done clean the glass and it is ready for assembly.

Step 8: Assemble the Light

it is quite simple -> Attach the Crystal Dome to the shaft and then screw on the nut ->cover it with the nut cap. it is Done!

Step 9: Completion!

Perfect for light up the bar or put on dinner table!

the Light emit a very warm dim light that is quite classy.

It is also small enough to put on dinner table or coffee table.

I hope you give it a try


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