Introduction: Crystal Head Vodka Skull Led Project!

About: I am an electrical repair tech by day and an engineer by night, after work or free time.

I was given a this skull by a family member. It is so cool and unique I just had to do something with it!
In short I placed 3 RGB sections around the skull, added a 555 timer to make the leds flash and filled it with water to create awesome patterns on the walls that surround it. I also placed a small fan over the mouth of the bottle to make the water ripple. 
please watch the video

Step 1: Things Needed

If you have seen my instructable on how to make a dog safety collar you will notice that the 555 timer schematic is almost the same. now it can be the same but I chose to swap out one resistor for a potentiometer, you dont have to do this but it allows me to controll the flash rate. 

555 timer
47k resistor (two if not using the pot)
2.2 uf cap
crystal head vodka bottle
3 sections of a rgb led strip
small 12vdc fan (optional) 
9volt power supply

Step 2: Schematic

this is a very simple 555 timer circuit, so I wont walk you through making it ( i do a step by step in my dog collar instructable) 
 resistor 2-7 can be swapped with an equal value pot for controlled flash rate.

Step 3: Preparing the Leds

In order to select colors using rgb strips you need to ground them correctly. I decided to use red, green and blue. I took this picture from my other instructable. Its the same concept.

Step 4: Moving It to the Skull.

I placed one rgb section on the bottom of the glass and one on each side. I mounted the fan at the mouth of the bottle, the timer circuit at the back of the skull, the pot at the top back of the skull and I tucked in the wires and hot glued them into place to secure them. its pretty simple. see the pictures for how I placed everything.

Step 5: DONE

fill it up with water, add your power supply and let it rip! your friends will be amazed when they see this piece.

watch the video :)