Introduction: Crystalline

Crystalline is part of the Folded Light Art series developed by Tacit Design LLC based in U.S.A. This light is made of pieces of digitally-cut and hand-folded high quality paper, illuminated by a LED light, providing a soft ambience that highlights the intricacy and the mathematical complexity of the piece. See more folded light art at

Diameter: 13”

Materials Included:
Acid-free recycled cotton paper (20x, pre-cut and pre-creased), Silver platted wire (10x)

Tools + Materials You Need:
Small needle nose plier, LED light bulb, pendant light socket (This doesn’t come with the kit)

You can create this light without the kit. The PDF of the crease pattern is available to download at

There is also a short video showing the process. The video can be found at

The light shade can be used to replace any existing pedant light, or can be used with a simple light socket and cord. This light must be used with a LED bulb.

Care Instructions:
Please dust your folded light art occasionally to keep it in top condition.

Step 1: Fold

Each piece has mountain creases on one side and valley creases on the other side. Please handle with care. Valley fold the valley creases and mountain fold the mountain creases. You need to fold 20 pieces total.

Step 2: Connect

Connect the first five pieces together using a piece of wire and a plier. Thread the wire through the holes on the paper.

Step 3: Make

Continue to use eight more pieces of wire to connect every five pieces together into an icosahedron ball. Make sure to leave an opening for inserting the LED light bulb and socket.

Step 4: Insert

Insert the LED light bulb and the socket into the opening and connect the opening together using the last wire.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Seems there is a catch22 with the PDF. Here you write it's on your site. On your site you write it's here... ;)
    Can you relink the PDF?


    9 years ago

    Dear Titan, I use a Robo craft pro to cut and crease. Hope this helps.

    This is cool :) One question, Did you use any folding helper tools like origami blades or you just did it all by hand.