Introduction: Crystals Pendant

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Tutorial: Crystals Pendant


Before we start, we'll need:

•8mm crystals.

•0.45mm naylon.

•Several beads.

•Needles or Pins.


Step 1: LET’S START!

We will start using 8mm crystals and to contrast, we will use beads, on the other hand, we will use a 0,45mm nylon to make the pendants and of course some scissors.

Step 2:

We will cut 40cm of nylon, we will hold one end with the left hand and the other end with the right hand. Then on the right side, we'll insert a crystal.

Step 3:

Also by the right end we will introduce a mustard and we will center it in the nylon together with the crystal. Next, another pair of crystals and beads will be inserted.

Now on the left side, we will insert a bead followed by a crystal on the same left side, centering them with the other two that are already on the nylon.


After centering the crystals and the beads, on the right side, we will insert another glass making it reach the center as well.

Step 5:

Now we take a bead and put it on the end of the right side, this time we don't center it but we hold it and we put the left end too. Slowly closing the two ends, the figure of the second image should remain.

Step 6:

Then we will grab the right side and insert a large glass following the sequence we were working with. The left end of the nylon will be filled with another large crystal.

Step 7:

Now we will introduce a beet on the left side, and repeat the operation with the beet on the right side. We have to get them to the crystals.

Step 8:

When introducing both beads, they will be the same as in the first image, we must make them reach where the crystals are. Then we will repeat the procedure but with the crystals, we will introduce one for the right side and another for the left side. Make sure that everything is centered in relation to the other beads and crystals that we put in previously.

Step 9:

Now on the far left we'll put a mustard in, but this time we won't let it go all the way, but we'll lock it. This way we will also introduce the right end of the beet to the same beetle, locking the beetle and making the center of the pendant larger. In the figure below there should be one, four and two.


Insert on the right side a glass and on the left side another glass, we must take into account that both crystals are the last ones that we will introduce in the nylon and we would only have small beads to introduce.

Step 11:

After that what we are going to do is to take the end of the right side and we will place three beads, we repeat the procedure but for the end of the left side.

Step 12:

By inserting the three beads on each side, join them together by joining the two ends of the tank. It should look just like the second image.

Step 13: THE SIX BEADS! 

Now on the right side we will introduce eight mustards, so we must be very careful that they are not missing when we put them in the nylon.

Step 14:

Now with the nylon on the far left we are going to work little by little, we will put that end through each of the eight beads to be able to work it.

Step 15:

Once we pass the nylon on the far left, we will gradually pull until the set of beads reaches the center where the crystals and the other beads are located.


We are accommodating the small beads pulling the tannins of the ends, this way will go down evenly and is straight. It will be held on both sides little by little.

Step 17:

Now we will take one of the ends of the nylon and go through the three beads we introduced before putting in the last eight and pull.

The same will be done with the other end of the nylon and it will be passed through the other three beads.

Step 18:

After the nylon has passed through the three mustards, it must be passed through the gems that follow the pair of trios of mustards.

In other words, the nylon will be passed through the crystals that come after the beads.


After passing the nylon through the crystals, we will pass them through the central bead that is under the crystals.

It is necessary to take into account that they must be inserted slowly and without haste because if the nylon is not inserted in the crystals it will not be the desired shape..

Step 20:

Then the other end of the nylon will be passed through the same bead that is under the glass, if the nylon does not pass we help ourselves with a needle or a pin to leave space and that passes.

Once we achieve this, we adjust and pull it well to accentuate the side of the beads.

Step 21:

We'll pull on the nylons so that the beads are centered.

After that, we will pass the threads through the other two lateral crystals that surround the central bead and tighten so that it is centered.


Now we pass the nylon through the mustards that are below the crystals in the decoration.

It is necessary to emphasize that after passing it through the mustard you must try to make it pass through the glass and prevent it from passing by..

Step 23:

After verifying that the work is tense, the two nylon should be joined together in the central bead at the bottom.

After that, we tighten again and we will make two small knots verifying that we are sealing well.

Step 24:

We'll try to get through the next glass and the mustard next to it and cut the nylon.

We do the same with the other end, we go through the glass and the other mustard, when we do this we also tighten and cut the nylon.

Step 25:

After cutting and verifying that it is firm and will not come loose, we can consider the work of the crystal pendant finished..

Step 26:

You can see that the arrangement with the beads and crystals is very nice.

The good thing about this is that it is very easy and quick to do, and you can make a lot of combinations.